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Cheap Ambien Canada

December 31, 2013
Men’s Invisalign Before and After: Lawrence’s Story

More adults than ever are turning to Docbraces’ orthodontists to give them the smiles they’ve always wanted. In fact, 50% of Docbraces patients over the age of 21! Lawrence was no different, approaching Docbraces for a discreet, comfortable solution to straightening his teeth. His great results have since made him an Invisalign before and after success story, which he shares in this blog post:


Lawrence has a lot to be thankful for: a great relationship with his wife, three wonderful kids and a job he enjoyed. He was also thankful for his new physical appearance. Lawrence had worked hard over the last two years to lose over 100 lbs. His new body made him feel younger, healthier and like he could be a better husband, friend and father. Previously, Lawrence was happy with his life, but not about his looks. He just thought that some guys “had it” and some guys (like him) didn’t. But as he lost weight, he started thinking of what else he could do to improve the “new” Lawrence. The first thought that came to him was his smile.

Lawrence had always known his smile wasn’t the greatest. His teeth were a little crowded in the front and there was a space on the side that was noticeable when he laughed. But, considering he was 150 lbs overweight, his teeth were not at the top of his worry list. As he began to get in shape, however, this list changed. He wanted his smile to reflect the fit, healthy, “new and improved” Lawrence.

Smile Solution

After doing some online research, Lawrence decided to visit his local Docbraces office. He was wondering what they could do about his smile, but had some concerns about cost. He didn’t want to put any burden on the family; after all, he had one child in university and two more in high school.

It turned out that Lawrence didn’t have to worry. The Docbraces team required no credit checks and were really flexible when it came to the payment plan. “I was given Invisalign— clear trays that fit in my mouth,” says Lawrence. “They were so comfortable I even forgot I had them on. And you could hardly see them, so none of the guys at work even noticed at first.” Soon Lawrence could see a clear difference in his smile compared to before his Invisalign.


Lawrence wore Invisalign for a year. He now has both the smile and the body he wants, which he says makes him a more outgoing and friendly person. He loves to go to sporting events with his children and even volunteered to help out with the set of the high school play – something he would never have one a year earlier.

“Life isn’t about what you look like, but it’s certainly about what you feel like,” says Lawrence. “With my new smile and body, I have a new outlook. My confidence level before and after Invisalign is completely different. Docbraces was a great help during my journey.”

Become an Invisalign Before and After Success Story

Learn about how you can become an Invisalign before and after success story and schedule a Order Xanax Bars Online at the Docbraces location nearest you! Call toll free: 1-866-639-7695

Or, for more information about discreet, attractive and affordable treatment options for patients 21+, Cheap Ambient Synth.

Cheap Ambien Canada

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