Coloured Braces and Clear Braces: How to Decide

If you need braces, then there is a wide selection available on the market, giving you the option to get the braces that suit your lifestyle and tastes. From fun coloured braces which let you personalize your orthodontic treatment, to clear braces which offer a near invisible solution, making the decision of what type of braces to get can be a difficult one to weigh up! Continue reading “Coloured Braces and Clear Braces: How to Decide”

Invisalign Alternatives: What are my options?

If you’ve been looking around our website you’ll probably have seen that we’re an Elite provider of Invisalign, an invisible alternative to braces. Many of our patients choose this treatment when they want a flexible, invisible set of braces, however there is a whole range of Invisalign alternatives out there which might be more suited to your individual needs. Continue reading “Invisalign Alternatives: What are my options?”