Adult Braces: The Best Options

Many adults are realizing the advantages of finally getting the smile they’ve dreamed of for as long as they can remember. Did you know that adults currently make up approximately 50% of Docbraces’ patients? It’s not surprising to us because no one, once they have finally gotten a gorgeous smile says, “Gee, I shouldn’t have done that.” To the contrary, they are asking “why didn’t I do this sooner?” Continue reading “Adult Braces: The Best Options”

Perfect Teeth: Fixing Issues with Crooked and Bad Teeth

We all know what our perfect smile would look like, and for some people having a few teeth out of alignment or living with an overbite or underbite can be very frustrating. In some cases, feeling like you’ve got bad teeth can even have a negative impact on your self esteem and cause a range of other issues. Continue reading “Perfect Teeth: Fixing Issues with Crooked and Bad Teeth”