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Buy Lorazepam In Mexico

October 08, 2014

If you’ve been looking around our website you’ll probably have seen that we’re a top 1% provider of Order Xanax Bars Online, an invisible alternative to braces. Many of our patients choose this treatment when they want a flexible, invisible set of braces, however, there is a whole range of Invisalign alternatives out there which might be more suited to your individual needs.

Buy Lorazepam In Mexico

Instead of using metal fixtures and fittings that are attached to your mouth, Invisalign uses clear aligners which look similar to a clear retainer. They are created from a scan or mould of your teeth and can be removed when eating to provide an extra level of convenience.

While many patients love this treatment, some patients may not feel this is the best solution for them. You have to remove the braces when eating, which may be off-putting for some patients who may forget to replace them! What’s more, not every tooth problem can be resolved with Invisalign. Corrections with the bite and tooth movement can be more difficult and lengthy to resolve with the system than with metal or clear braces, so many patients with more complex problems will choose an Invisalign alternative.

Clear braces

As the attraction of Invisalign is that it offers an “invisible” alternative to metal braces, the most popular alternative to it is clear braces. Clear braces are made by a variety of manufacturers including Damon Clear, Empower and Radiance. At Docbraces we offer the latter two.

These type of braces make use of clear attachments which are fixed to the teeth, like regular metal braces, giving the patient a more subtle look. What’s unique about clear braces is that they don’t require bands to keep the wires in place meaning that they can be more comfortable as they adapt to your mouth and teeth a little more easily.

Since clear braces offer all of the benefits of metal braces but with the added bonus of being less obvious and more flexible, many patients who are seeking Invisalign alternatives will choose the Empower and Radiance options we offer.

Once clear braces have been fitted you will have to visit our offices less often than if you chose Invisalign, meaning that you don’t have to interrupt a busy schedule to get your braces readjusted.

Choosing the braces that suit your needs is the most important part of your dental treatment, so that’s why we offer free consultations to give you a clear and personalized plan of action. We can talk you through the pros and cons of using Invisalign and suggest the best course of action for your teeth, so you can make an informed decision about the type of treatment you want to go for.

Buy Lorazepam In Mexico

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