3 Ways Orthodontic Treatment Makes You Look Younger

When our patients over the age of 21 decide to visit us for their initial consultations, we find that it’s typically for two main reasons: to reduce pain or discomfort from misaligned bites, and to address any self-esteem or confidence issues stemming from cosmetic concerns related to their smiles. Many patients are surprised to learn about the other changes that can happen just by addressing what often seem like straightforward malocclusion issues. Often, a major benefit of braces or alternatives like Invisalign is that you’ll look and feel younger when you’re finished. Keep reading to learn how that’s possible. Continue reading “3 Ways Orthodontic Treatment Makes You Look Younger”

What’s the Best Age for Braces for Kids?

Our Smile Team gets lots of questions from parents and kids alike who all wonder the same thing: when is the best time is for children to begin orthodontic treatment? While we can’t say that there’s one best age to begin treatment, since the ‘right time’ is different for every patient (and can only be determined on a case by case basis), there are lots of reasons why early intervention can be better.

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Meet Our Orthodontist in Halifax: Dr Stefanuto!

Did you know that Docbraces has two practices in the Halifax area? Our Kearney Lake office has been open since 2011, and you’ll find our Dartmouth office located on Baker Drive, where it’s been since 2013. Whichever location you choose, you’ll be under the care of our skilled orthodontist, Dr. Allison Stefanuto. We thought you might like to learn more about our Halifax practice and our team, so here are a few facts about Dr. Stefanuto:

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Could Orthodontic Treatment Really Give Me a Bracelift?

If you’ve decided that now is the time to make a change to your appearance, but you aren’t sure where to start, there is one easy option that will provide you with long lasting cosmetic results and health benefits: orthodontic treatment. We’ve had lots of patients visit us lately asking if orthodontic treatment is for them, many of whom are concerned that because they’re over 50 they might not be good candidates. The truth is that choosing braces or Invisalign later in life is increasingly popular, and half of Docbraces’ patients are over the age of 21. You’re never too old for orthodontic treatment, and your options are more comfortable and discreet than ever!

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