Orthodontics: A Natural Solution

While you probably won’t be surprised that orthodontics offers a range of benefits other than just a beautiful smile, you might be interested to discover that Epigenetic Orthodontists can provide you with a holistic solution to a range of health problems. But how, exactly, can orthodontics address and prevent conditions beyond your teeth and jaws? Read on to discover how Epigenetic Orthodontics provides a natural solution to numerous physical ailments in your jaws and beyond. Continue reading “Orthodontics: A Natural Solution”

Best Foods for New Braces: Snacks

When you’ve gotten new braces, you’ll probably feel moderate discomfort for a few days as you get used to the pressure from the wires slowly guiding and rotating your teeth into their new positions. To help get used to your treatment, we always recommend that you eat soft foods for a few days, and there’s even a list of things that we’d recommend you avoid while you’re wearing your braces, like whole apples, crunchy foods like carrot sticks, and chewy foods like bread or steak.
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Braces for Kids: How Treating Children Impacts More than their Smiles

When children get the orthodontic treatment they need at a young age, they unlock several important benefits that you might not have considered. Besides getting a beautiful healthy smile they can proudly show off to the world, orthodontic treatment for children often results in more stable results, increases overall health and can boost self-esteem and confidence. Read on to discover how orthodontic treatment can have such positive effects. Continue reading “Braces for Kids: How Treating Children Impacts More than their Smiles”

Best Foods for New Braces: Docbraces Favourite Smoothies

When you’re adjusting to new braces, you’ll likely be in search of some easy to eat foods that don’t require you to chew too much. When the Docbraces Smile Team is asked for recommendations of the best foods to eat or drink to avoid putting any extra strain on sore jaws and teeth, our first response is almost always smoothies! Smoothies are fun to make and thanks to the wide variety of fruits, vegetables and liquids that you can put into yours, you’ll never get bored. Smoothies are easily portable, they make great a snack so you can get lots of vitamins, and when they’re really cold they can even help to reduce the pain and swelling you’re feeling.

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Braces and Invisalign: The Best New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolutions almost always come down to making a change to how to you look or how you feel. Whether it is losing weight, changing your diet, reducing how much stress you feel or beginning orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or braces, at some point we’ve all decided that once the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, we’ll start working toward being the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes, choosing a few smaller goals yields more success, or a more general but measurable goal, like spend more time with family, can have an impact throughout the year. Continue reading “Braces and Invisalign: The Best New Year’s Resolution”