How Much do Braces Cost and How Can I Finance My Treatment?

For many people, an important factor in deciding the best time to begin orthodontic treatment is cost. In fact, very often while a patient is booking or undergoing their free consultation in any one of our five Maritime practices,  we’re often asked “what do braces cost?” The simple answer is that it depends on your age as well as the length and complexity of your treatment. All of these factors will have an impact on your total cost. Continue reading “How Much do Braces Cost and How Can I Finance My Treatment?”

Your Retainer: Why Wearing It Matters

You’ve gone through the months or years required to complete your treatment and have been rewarded with a beautiful, healthy smile. Wearing your retainer is important because it’s the very best way to safeguard the results that you had when your braces came off or you wore your last Invisalign tray and that you should be so proud to have achieved. Continue reading “Your Retainer: Why Wearing It Matters”

What Does Invisalign Cost and What Are My Financing Options?

The most common question we get when people come to us researching their orthodontic treatment options is “what does Invisalign cost”. We’re also frequently asked “what are the ways that I can pay for my treatment”. We’re happy to say that orthodontic treatment in the Maritimes often costs significantly less than it does in Ontario or Quebec, and we’d love to discuss your options in person, in one of our five locations: Halifax, Dartmouth, Moncton, Charlottetown or Summerside!

The Cost of Invisalign

Did you know that your orthodontic treatment can start from as little as $49 dollars a week? The cost of your Invisalign treatment includes the clear, plastic trays which you’ll change for new ones approximately every two weeks, your monthly cleanings and orthodontist checkups. Continue reading “What Does Invisalign Cost and What Are My Financing Options?”