Back to School, Back to the Orthodontist

Backpack, pencils and paper, lunch box, new jacket… is an orthodontic visit also on your child’s “back-to-school” checklist this year? If it’s not and your child is between the ages of five and seven, you may want to add it!

Yes, that’s right – your child doesn’t need to be a pre-teen on the verge of getting braces to benefit from an orthodontist visit. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a checkup with an orthodontic specialist no later than the age of seven. This is true even if your child’s dentist has not identified any early bite issues. Pediatric orthodontists are trained to identify subtle problems that a general dentist might miss, such as issues with jaw growth and emerging teeth, and take early preventative steps to address these issues. Continue reading “Back to School, Back to the Orthodontist”

4 Ways Invisalign Will Change Your Life

As an adult with a less-than-perfect smile, it’s natural to think you “missed the boat” when it came to straighter teeth. However, all is not lost. It’s never too late for a straighter smile! Your teeth can be moved into the correct place no matter your age. Continue reading “4 Ways Invisalign Will Change Your Life”