Is Invisalign Worth the Investment?

Dreaming of a straighter smile this holiday season? If Invisalign is at the top of your holiday wish list, now is the perfect time to make this dream a reality. Invisalign aligners are a clear alternative to conventional metal braces. This discrete solution means no one but you will know that you are straightening your teeth. Invisalign gives you the freedom to attend holiday celebrations and enjoy all your favourite seasonal foods, all while getting the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams!

Invisalign, like any teeth straightening solution, is an investment. It’s natural to wonder if the end result is truly worth the cost of treatment. Invisalign can be truly life-changing. When you are no longer self-conscious about how you chew, bite or speak, this boost in self-esteem and confidence will positively impact your personal life and career.

These are five Invisalign treatment benefits to keep in mind:

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Invisalign After 40: Is it Too Late?

A small gap between your front teeth. An over-crowded smile. A minor cross-bite.

These imperfections may be hurting your self-esteem and personal confidence. You’re ready to make a change and finally straighten your teeth. But if you’re over 40, it’s natural to wonder, “Is it too late for me to get Invisalign, and if it’s not, will Invisalign be worth the trouble and cost?”

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3 Secrets for Making Invisalign Affordable

Imagine your life with straighter teeth: would you smile more on first dates? Speak up during company meetings? Carry yourself with confidence wherever you went? Straighter teeth can be life-changing. Unfortunately, many adults fear the price tag associated with teeth straightening is too high. That doesn’t have to be the case. Invisalign is a discreet alternative that uses clear aligners to gently shift your teeth into proper alignment. The cost for Invisalign is similar to the cost of conventional braces. Even better, many insurance companies have coverage that will offset the cost of Invisalign treatment the same as conventional braces.

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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Invisalign Treatment

Once you’ve made the decision to get Invisalign treatment, it’s natural to want to get started right away. Don’t rush to select a provider, however. Choosing a Maritime Invisalign provider and starting treatment are two important steps towards achieving your dream of a perfect smile. Take the time to evaluate your different options and understand what is expected during treatment, or risk committing these common mistakes: Continue reading “4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Invisalign Treatment”