5 Benefits to Straightening Teeth with Removable Aligners

Are you dreaming of a straighter smile but worried about committing to braces? You’re not alone! This is a common concerned shared by many adults who would like a straighter smile but still need flexibility in their treatment plans. Braces permanently adhere to your teeth for the duration of treatment, which means once you start treatment you cannot remove the brackets or wires without visiting your orthodontist. Invisalign is different. Invisalign uses clear, acrylic aligners that can be removed easily at any time. Invisalign’s aligners can be taken off during mealtimes and at night when brushing your teeth. For some adults, this added flexibility can make treatment easier and more successful.

Here are five benefits to choosing removable aligners like Invisalign to straighten your teeth: Continue reading “5 Benefits to Straightening Teeth with Removable Aligners”