Braces for Kids: How Treating Children Impacts More than their Smiles

Keeping Your Braces Clean

When children get the orthodontic treatment they need at a young age, they unlock several important benefits that you might not have considered. Besides getting a beautiful healthy smile they can proudly show off to the world, orthodontic treatment for children often results in more stable results, increases overall health and can boost self-esteem and confidence. Read on to discover how orthodontic treatment can have such positive effects. More»

The Cosmetic Advantages of Braces and Invisalign


Often, choosing to begin orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign has a lot to do with appearance and being able to address specific characteristics of our smiles that we don’t feel confident about. At the end of your treatment you’ll enjoy a straight and healthy smile, but did you know that there are several other positive changes to your appearance that many patients commonly notice during and after their treatment? Read on to discover more. More»

Braces Before and After: What Can I Expect at the End of my Treatment?

The day has finally come! You’re ready to trade in your Invisalign trays or brackets and wires for the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve been waiting so long for! You might have some questions about what you can expect when you visit the orthodontist on the big day, and what will happen in the months after your active orthodontic treatment is over.

Last appointment with braces

If you’re wearing braces, your last appointment is when your brackets will be removed, or de-bonded, and you’ll have a thorough checkup with your orthodontist. This appointment will take about an hour, and we’ll take an x-ray and some pictures of your results. More»

Women’s Invisalign Before and After: Monique’s Story

Monique is among 50% of Docbraces patients over the age of 21, improving her smile in adulthood. She achieved beautiful results, evident in her Invisalign before and after photos, and was kind enough to share her patient story as an example of how adults are realizing the many advantages of straightening their teeth without braces. Learn about Monique’s story before and after Invisalign: More»

Teen Braces Before and After: Mason’s Story

It seems like braces are a right of passage for most teens these days, and for good reason—creating a healthy smile is an invaluable lifelong asset. The experience of having braces is also improving with more comfortable, discreet options for teens. A fantastic case for the difference teen braces can make before and after is Mason, one of Docbraces’ patients. Mason shares his braces before and after story with us in this blog post: More»

Men’s Invisalign Before and After: Lawrence’s Story

More adults than ever are turning to Docbraces’ orthodontists to give them the smiles they’ve always wanted. In fact, 50% of Docbraces patients over the age of 21! Lawrence was no different, approaching Docbraces for a discreet, comfortable solution to straightening his teeth. His great results have since made him an Invisalign before and after success story, which he shares in this blog post: More»