What Do Braces Really Cost?

What Do Braces Really Cost

Cost is one of the top considerations when deciding to get braces. We all want a healthy, confident smile. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that it costs less to solve a simple orthodontic problem over a more complex one. For some patients, this means that the dream of a straight, attractive smile feels like a financial impossibility. Here’s some good news: it doesn’t have to be! Yes, braces can feel like a big financial investment. But the right Halifax orthodontist will also help ensure that this investment lasts a lifetime– and is one you can afford no matter your financial circumstances. More»

How to Care for Your Braces: A Guide for New Patients

How To Care For Your Braces

Congratulations! Now that you have braces, you’ve taken an important first step to enhancing your smile’s natural beauty and keeping your teeth healthy. You may also be realizing that many things we take for granted without braces – like the ability to bite directly into an apple or easily floss your teeth at night – are much more difficult or even unsafe now that you have braces!

It’s natural to have questions about what foods are safe to eat, which foods you should avoid, and how best to keep your braces clean.

You may be wondering, “Can I chew gum with braces?” or “How do I get the remains of tonight’s dinner out from my braces?” No one wants food stuck in the wires! This guide will give you a quick overview to learn more about the basics of caring for your new braces.

For more detailed information – including the special items you can use to care for your braces – be sure to download the comprehensive guide from Docbraces, “How to Care for Your Braces.”


How Do Braces Work: Your First Appointment

How Do Braces Work - Your First Appointment

What to Expect During Your First Appointment and Beyond

When was the last time you smiled with confidence or laughed freely? Our self-esteem is directly linked to our appearance. If you are self-conscious about your teeth, you may feel uncomfortable laughing, smiling or even talking up close to a partner. A great smile is more than just a confidence booster– it’s also an indicator of good health. Missing or crowded teeth and jaw misalignments may increase your risk for a host of oral health problems, including tooth decay, tooth loss and facial deformities. More»

How to Avoid Getting Food Stuck in Your Braces

How to Avoid Getting Food Stuck in Your Braces

Sick and tired of getting food stuck in your braces? Wearing braces as an adult is hard enough. There’s nothing worse than eating lunch with a boss or client and all the while fearing that your entire meal has ended up stuck in your metal wires and brackets! (No one wants to have another ‘meal’ saved for later!) Good news: you don’t have to give up all your favourite foods to avoid that awkward food-stuck-in-my-braces look. All it takes is a few simple changes to avoid getting food stuck in your braces.

When you first get braces, your orthodontist probably told you to avoid foods that are sticky, crunchy or hard. Yes, this does mean you’ll need to steer clear of popcorn, caramel treats, pretzels, and gum. These foods can get caught between brackets and wires, creating a big gooey mess and causing tooth decay. But are there any foods that you can eat with braces? Absolutely! More»

Am I Too Old for Braces? 3 Amazing Benefits of Adult Braces

Adult Braces

There was a time when having orthodontic treatment was considered strictly for children or teens. Adults who didn’t have their teeth straightened during their childhood or adolescence had simply “missed the boat” when it came to enjoying straighter, more attractive smiles and healthier teeth. But today, all that’s changed, and adult braces are becoming increasingly more common. In fact, according to the Canadian Dental Association, more adults than ever before are opting to have their teeth straightened with traditional braces, ceramic braces or removable aligner systems like Invisalign. More»

Can I Straighten My Teeth Without Braces?


Are you avoiding a trip to your Nova Scotia orthodontist because you don’t want to get metal braces? A crooked smile is unattractive as an adult, but unfortunately the alternative – a mouthful of metal – is hardly any better. Adult braces can be uncomfortable, awkward and downright embarrassing. Wondering how to straighten teeth without braces? Good news: common orthodontic problems including crooked teeth and overcrowding can be corrected without braces. More»

Invisalign or Braces: Which is Right for Your Smile?

Invisalign or Braces

Do you hesitate to smile for photos? Do you feel self-conscious laughing or talking because of your teeth? A crooked smile can be downright embarrassing as an adult. Unfortunately, many adults are reluctant to straighten their teeth because they are worried about the cost, discomfort and perceived embarrassment associated with braces. Delaying orthodontic work, however, can ultimately lead to bigger problems down the road. Crooked teeth that do not fit together may look unattractive right now, but things could get even worse should tooth decay or gum disease occur. Straightening your teeth can significantly improve your overall oral health, reducing the risk for tooth decay and gum disease that go hand-in-hand with overcrowding or misaligned teeth. Invisalign or Braces can help, but which is right for your smile? More»

Helping Your Child Adjust to Life With Braces


Lots of kids begin orthodontic treatment in the summer, and now that everyone is back to school, they may be feeling a little nervous about their new look. The truth is that there’s nothing to feel nervous about, and braces are more common today than ever before, but we thought it would still be helpful to provide you with some tips for helping your child adjust to their new treatment, as well as information you can offer to help them keep their braces looking their absolute best.

Getting Used to Braces


Top Reasons to Keep Your Braces Clean and Tidy


As many children get their braces or begin other orthodontic treatment in the fall, we thought it might be helpful to provide a quick reminder of the benefits of making sure braces are kept clean and tidy. By taking care of their braces, your kids can make sure their orthodontic appliances are better able to do their job—giving your children the winning smile they deserve! In this post, we’re going to touch on the top reasons your kids need to keep their braces looking their best. Don’t forget that you can get in touch with your local Docbraces at any time to ask any questions about your child’s treatment.

Keeping Your Braces Tidy and Clean can Help:


What are Invisible Braces?

Often times, when people think of braces, the first thing that comes to mind is a mouth crowded with metal and wires. While that may have been true decades ago, many modern options are so discreet that they are referred to as invisible braces! Modern, invisible braces have come a long way, both in terms of availability and aesthetic, and today it is possible that the only people who would even know you were wearing braces are you and your orthodontist! In this post, we’re going to talk to you about the different invisible braces treatment options that are available. When you’re finished reading this, we’re confident you’ll have the information you need to choose the invisible braces that are right for you.