Docbraces is committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate. Docbraces contributes over $150,000 per year and hundreds of volunteer hours to community based causes, charities, festivals, events, and is a major sponsor of youth based athletic associations.

In 2012 Docbraces founded Project Smile an initiative committed to supporting pro-confidence / anti-bullying causes and oral hygiene education within schools. As a component of Project Smile, Docbraces annually provides complimentary orthodontic treatment to qualified applicants to the program.

In 2013 Docbraces launched “Mouthguard”, an extension of Project Smile that offers free custom mouthguards to young athletes of any sport. Custom mouthguards provide a superior fit to the boil and bite mouthguards commonly used, offering better protection, which can prevent serious injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth, teeth, and jaws. Parents and guardians of young athletes who would like to register to receive a free custom mouthguard can do so by emailing