invisalign-eliteWe’re proud to be Atlantic Canada’s first Invisalign provider to earn the “Elite Provider” qualification. Invisalign awards this designation to exclusively to orthodontic practices that successfully treat over 300 cases per year with the system. This also indicates that Docbraces is in the top 5% of practices in North America who use this system something that we’re very proud of.

In order to stay up to date with developing features and improvements to this technology, Docbraces orthodontists along with the rest of the Smile Team™ regularly attend continuing education courses. Each team member commits to extensive specialized training to familiarize themselves with Invisalign. This enables us to treat moderate to complex cases, whereas many other practices will only be able to treat mild cases. For this reason, we always encourage people who have been told that Invisalign might not be a suitable treatment for them to visit their nearest Docbraces office for a second opinion. You might be happy to learn that it is a viable treatment choice for you!

We’re also delighted with our Invisalign Elite Provider status because it reflects the high level of care and service we provide to all of our patients, across all of our practises.