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Invisalign and Braces in Halifax

Dr. Andrew Thompson runs the Halifax Docbraces team of orthodontic experts, offering Invisalign, braces, and other orthodontic appliances to help patients from ages 7 and up. From the state-of-the-art office located conveniently at 117 Kearney Lake Road (Suite 15), we offer our new patients a free consultation to identify the issues causing trouble. When you come to see us for your free consultation, we’ll ask you a number of questions and take some images and xrays to find out what your goals are. Our office features the best available diagnostic equipment to help us quickly pinpoint the causes of your discomfort and create a straightforward solution.

We offer a range of treatments in our Moncton, New Brunswick office, including:
  • Invisalign
  • Clear Braces
  • Damon Clear Braces
  • Friction-free braces
  • Express Smiles™ treatment for certain candidates.

Your Halifax Orthodontists

Halifax and Darthmouth

Dr. Andrew Thompson

Dr. Andrew Thompson hails from the UK, and studied first in England and Scotland before completing his training in Canada. Dr. Thompson completed his B.D.S in 1975 at the University of Dundee in Scotland, followed by a D.D.S. from Dalhousie University in 1977. In 1984 he completed his orthodontic training at the University of Toronto. He has providing specialist orthodontic care in a private practice ever since.

Orthodontic Treatment Benefits

Orthodontists qualify first as dentists, then undertake further study to become specially trained in malocclusions and the best methods to fix them. Malocclusions are the problems that are caused by alignment and bite issues, including cross bites or overbites. When left untreated, irregular bites and uneven jaw relationships can cause pain or discomfort. Beyond the daily discomfort, irregular bites often make people feel really self-conscious.

Seeking treatment for orthodontic issues can also have a number of benefits that you might not have even been aware of, like reduction in the chances of being diagnosed with lifestyle-related disease, and improved oral hygiene and general health.

Docbraces Halifax is a Platinum Invisalign Provider

Docbraces Halifax offers patients of all ages the most technologically advanced orthodontic treatment options available including Invisalign. Our team of Orthodontic specialists have a wealth of experience and an extra 150 hours of training to provide the highest standard of care.

As a Platinum Provider of Invisalign, Docbraces has helped over 800 people achieve beautiful smiles with Invisalign, placing them in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in North America.

Invisalign in Halifax

What if you could have the smile you’ve always wanted in a truly discreet way with very little impact on your daily life? You can with Invisalign! Your smile is the best way to convey your emotions to the people around you, but when you’re hesitant to show it off because of bite, spacing or alignment issues, you’ll struggle to communicate how you’re really feeling. So many of Docbraces’ Halifax Invisalign patients have commented how dramatically their lives have changed for the better just by wearing Invisalign. They’ve become much more outgoing and finally have the confidence to try something they’ve always wanted to do—like go after their dream jobs or be more active in social situations. If you’re self-conscious because of dental problems, speak to the Docbraces Halifax team to discuss how Invisalign can address these issues and give you the confidence you deserve!

Braces in Halifax

We offer several comfortable, discreet, and affordable options for braces in Halifax.

Clear braces are an excellent solution for anyone wanting to avoid drawing attention to their orthodontic treatment. At Docbraces Halifax, we only use the newest in braces technology. Today’s clear braces are made out of a translucent ceramic material that does not stain and remains clear throughout treatment.

Damon Clear braces combine tieless braces with high-tech archwires that move teeth quickly and comfortably without the need for “tightening”, providing an attractive treatment experience with spectacular results. Like our clear braces, they are discreet and resistant to staining throughout treatment.

We also offer new friction-free braces as an option. Treatment using friction-free braces is faster, more comfortable, and makes maintaining oral hygiene much easier during treatment. The light, high-tech and special shape-memory wires move your teeth faster than conventional materials into the desired position, and require fewer adjustments. Friction-free braces use a mechanism which holds the wire, allowing your teeth to move more freely, quickly and comfortably. Depending on case complexity, it’s even possible that treatment times can be reduced by 4-6 compared to conventional braces, without the need for elastics or metal ties.

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Our Office

Docbraces Halifax has been helping patients achieve their perfect smiles since 2011 from our office that we specifically designed to be relaxing. It’s a comfortable and convenient environment where patients can enjoy a range of complimentary drinks like coffee, tea or hot chocolate and take advantage of the WiFi. Prefer to sit quietly and read a magazine? We’ve got that, too! Teenagers and the young at heart might be happy to find out that there could even be an X-Box 360 in the games area!

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