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October 8, 2014

Women's Invisalign Before and After: Monique's Story

Monique is among 50% of Docbraces patients over the age of 21, improving her smile in adulthood. She achieved beautiful results, evident in her Invisalign before and after photos, and was kind enough to share her patient story as an example of how adults are realizing the many advantages of straightening their teeth without braces. Learn about Monique's story before and after Invisalign:BackgroundLike many women, Monique decided to go back to work once her children were old enough not to need her to be at home all the time. She enrolled in college and updated her skills with the aim to become an administrative specialist or manager at a busy office. Although Monique’s final marks were excellent, she did not do well in her first few job interviews.“I felt very uncomfortable in an interview situation because I was wondering the whole time if they were judging me on my smile. Then I became aware that this was making me nervous and I became even more uptight! It was a terrible feeling.”Monique just needed that extra boost to her appearance to help her confidence so she could show the workforce how valuable she could be. When hiring for a job, self-assurance and confidence rates high on the employer’s expectation list. But Monique felt a woman wearing traditional braces at her age would draw even more attention to her smile. And besides, it wasn’t that bad, it just didn’t look as polished and professional as she would like.Smile SolutionOn the advice of a friend, Monique made an appointment at Docbraces to see what her options may be. She was relieved and excited to find out that the orthodontist could fit her with Invisalign, a set of clear plastic appliances that she would wear only certain times of the day – she could remove them for eating and even during her job interviews!Sure enough, within months, Monique’s smile, and her self-esteem, began to change. People even started commenting on what a great smile she had, as before the Invisalign she tried not to smile wide or often. Now she smiled at every chance she got.“I was so surprised at how quickly my teeth started to move into place, especially since I didn’t feel any discomfort. It didn’t feel like anything was happening, yet the mirror told a different story! Now I love to wear bright coloured lipsticks that actually draw attention to my smile,” says Monique.“As for cost, Docbraces was able to work with me on a payment plan that was as painless as the Invisalign itself the down payment was low, and Docbraces didn’t charge any interest.”ResultsMonique continued her job search while her smile improved and sure enough an employer soon saw the true Monique – a confident, capable, skilled employee ready to take on the challenges of their office. She was hired as the Office Manager and hasn’t looked back.“All I needed was that little bit of extra confidence,” Monique says. “I was a completely different woman after treatment. I still can't get over my Invisalign before and after photos!And Docbraces made everything so easy. My only regret is that I waited so long to look into improving my smile.”Become an Invisalign Before and After Success StoryLearn about how you can become an Invisalign before and after success story and schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation at the Docbraces location nearest you! Call toll free: 1-866-639-7695Or, for more information about discreet, attractive and affordable treatment options for patients 21+, download the FREE Braces & Invisalign Guide for Adults.

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