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December 16, 2014

The Cosmetic Advantages of Braces and Invisalign

Often, choosing to begin orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign has a lot to do with appearance and being able to address specific characteristics of our smiles that we don’t feel confident about. At the end of your treatment you’ll enjoy a straight and healthy smile, but did you know that there are several other positive changes to your appearance that many patients commonly notice during and after their treatment? Read on to discover more.During Orthodontic TreatmentMany patients over the age of 21 fear that they’ve missed the boat on treatment because they don’t want the obvious look of metal braces so commonly associated with attaining a healthy smile. Orthodontic treatment has come leaps and bounds over the past decade, so there’s no better time to consider beginning treatment. For starters, brackets and wires now come in a range of materials and colours so that they blend in. You can choose white ceramic brackets or even clear brackets which are nearly indistinguishable throughout your treatment. The wires used are also white and much finer than they used to be enabling them to fit in much more easily with your smile.Further, with Invisalign, a clear alternative to braces, most people won’t even know you’ve chosen an orthodontic treatment. This option relies on thin, clear plastic aligner trays that you remove while you’re eating and change on average every two weeks. The high-quality material is durable and stain resistant, and the trays are virtually indistinguishable as they work to slowly but consistently rotate or move your teeth. Both of these options are efficient and subtle choices for adults looking for orthodontic treatment without it being distracting or obvious.After Orthodontic TreatmentOnce your braces are removed or you’ve completed your treatment with Invisalign, you’ll likely notice a range of slight but positive differences in your appearance. Commonly, as orthodontic treatment aligns your bite and rotates your teeth, it creates symmetry in your face. When your facial features are more balanced it helps your skin appear smoother and your lips and cheeks look fuller. Treatment can also widen your arches making your cheekbones look more defined and giving you a broader smile that you’ll be happy to show off.After your treatment, you’ll find it a breeze to keep your smile healthy so you’ll always want to show it off. Orthodontic treatment also reduces the areas where food debris can collect and lead to plaque, gingivitis or other problems, helping you maintain higher standards of oral hygiene and ensuring that your smile stays beautiful for the rest of your life.There are more options than ever to get the smile you’ve always wanted and to keep it healthy. With the many recent orthodontic innovations, you’ll find most people won’t even know you’re undergoing treatment and you’ll begin to see benefits with the first wire or Invisalign tray. What are you waiting for? Book your FREE consultation today!

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