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November 7, 2016

Invisalign Nova Scotia: Top Considerations When Selecting a Provider

You’ve been thinking about getting your teeth straightened and have finally decided that Invisalign is the right solution for your straightening needs. You want to be sure you’re getting the highest quality care at a price you can afford. Now comes the tricky part: selecting the right Invisalign Nova Scotia provider.If your dentist offers Invisalign in addition to routine adult dental care, it’s certainly tempting to stay with your current provider. However, keep in mind that Invisalign for straightening teeth, like braces, is a highly specialized process and a significant financial investment. You want to select a provider that not only is highly experienced in this field, but also is impeccably qualified with stellar reviews.

Check background, education and qualifications

Thanks to the Internet, we’re all just a few clicks away from verifying an orthodontist’s background qualifications. While the likelihood that an orthodontist or Invisalign Nova Scotia provider would inflate his or her qualifications is low, it’s still worth Googling your prospective provider to confirm there are no “unsavoury secrets” hiding in his or her past. Check for malpractice lawsuits or sanctions against the provider or the practice.

Read patient reviews

Your provider should be forthcoming with “before and after” photos from real patients and may even share testimonials. While it's great to see these photos, it's also important to read candid reviews patients leave on third party websites. Check out review sites like RateMDs and Google My Business. What are patients saying on these sites about their experience with your provider? Are the patients happy with their results? Do they feel the cost was fair for the treatment they received? Would they recommend the provider to other patients? Sure, it may not be possible to make every patient happy all the time (although at Docbraces we certainly try!) if multiple patients are posting negative reviews, this is a huge red flag.

Visit the office

If you think a provider would be a good fit, ask for an office visit and complimentary consultation. This visit is an opportunity to check the type of equipment the provider uses and meet the team. Is the equipment clean and new? Is the front desk staff warm, welcoming and friendly? Finally, consider how easy and convenient it is to get to the practice. With Invisalign, you’ll be visiting your provider every few weeks for new trays and a progress checkup. Does the practice have flexible hours for scheduling appointments? Will you be able to get there quickly on your lunch hour or before/after work with early morning or evening appointments? These practicalities are important considerations that sometimes go overlooked when making a provider selection.

Consider payment options

Finally, consider the cost of Invisalign treatment and the type of payment options available. While straightening your teeth is an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life, you also do not want to go broke in the process! Ask your provider what types of payment plans are available. At Docbraces, for example, we offer flexible, interest-free financing plans with no credit checks as well as direct billing to insurance providers. Family discounts are also available to help make care more affordable.

Ask for a second opinion

Even if you have already visited one provider, it’s worth scheduling a consultation with a second provider as a point of comparison. At Docbraces, we believe that second opinions are an invaluable part of the selection process. That’s why we offer complimentary second opinion consultations. We want every patient to feel comfortable and confident that they are selecting the right provider for their needs.For more information on second opinions and selecting the right Nova Scotia Invisalign provider, download our free eBook guide.

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