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June 12, 2017

Why Summer is the Best Time for Teens to Get Braces

Is there a “right” time for your teen to get braces? Many factors ranging from schedules to family finances can influence the timing of your child’s orthodontic treatment. Braces by their very nature are all about change! We love watching our patients smiles change and progress over their treatment time. That’s why summer is a great time for teens to get braces: they have time to adjust to the initial changes of braces outside of school, more flexible schedules for appointments, and plenty of time to develop good hygiene habits at home.

1. More adjustment time outside of school.

1. Teens with crooked teeth may be pretty self-conscious about their smiles and are extremely excited to get braces! If several of your teen’s friends already have braces, your teen may be eager to “join the club” and get braces, too. However, the initial adjustment to braces can take some time! Getting braces outside of the school year gives your teen more time to adjust to these changes.

2. Simplify appointment scheduling.

Getting braces requires appointments: including an initial consultation, bonding appointment, and follow-up appointments. The great news is - at Docbraces, we offer same day starts! This means, that you may be able to get your braces put on, on the same day as your initial consultation! Your excited teen can start without a delay, and get a head start on treatment. Scheduling your first few appointments in the summer means a more flexible schedule. By the time the school year rolls around, your teen will already be a pro at braces!

3. Develop good hygiene habits.

Let’s be honest: at times, it can be difficult to get our teens to clean their rooms - nevermind regular flossing. Regular cleaning after every meal is essential for good oral hygiene, especially when you have braces. At Docbraces, our Smile Team will show your child all of the steps to keeping their braces and teeth clean. However, when kids are busy at school, it’s easy to let these habits slide. When your child has time to adjust to braces at home, it’s much easier to develop good hygiene habits that will continue throughout the year.When to get braces is a personal decision for every family. However, at Docbraces, we like to say that the best time to start is NOW!When to get braces is a personal decision for every family. However, if your family has the flexibility to choose a start date, early summer is the best time for teens to get braces.We have locations across the Maritimes, including: Moncton, Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, Charlottetown, and Summerside. A referral is not required.Book a FREE consultation today!

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