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March 19, 2019

An Orthodontist Can Address Issues Related to Permanent Tooth Eruption

Diagnosing and treating problems related to permanent (i.e., secondary or adult) tooth eruption early on may prevent the need for more expensive orthodontic treatments in the future.

Seek Treatment Early When Adult Teeth Do Not Erupt

By the time your child turns 7 years old, our orthodontists can usually tell if problems related to permanent tooth eruption are present.

Early treatment offers a variety of benefits:

  • If problems related to tooth eruption are treated early on, future treatment may be simplified and less expensive.
  • The eruption of teeth is linked to craniofacial growth and development: It is during this time that several intricate processes take place. For this reason, avoiding treatment could lead to abnormal development and/or growth, which may result in a lengthy treatment time that is costly.
  • If a primary (i.e., baby) tooth falls out due to an accident or gum disease, the adult tooth eruption process may be affected.
  • If just one adult tooth erupts in the wrong place, all the spacing for the remaining 31 teeth are affected.

These are a few of the reasons that the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children see an orthodontist at 7, sooner if problems are present.

Some Orthodontic Problems Need to be Monitored

Children who have skeletal orthodontic problems will need to be monitored: These children will visit Docbraces every 6 to 8 months for an examination. To make sure that your child’s treatment is performed at the perfect time, this process is essential.

Tooth Eruption Problems That Docbraces’ Orthodontists Frequently Address

Early orthodontic treatment can be used to address major problems, to prevent the onset of more severe problems and to simplify future treatment.

Tooth eruption problems include:

  • Impacted Teeth/Insufficient Space — when there is not enough space in the mouth, adult teeth may not be able to erupt. These teeth may be completely blocked by another tooth or have an irregular eruption path. When impaction occurs, the gum, bone and roots become damaged.
  • Malocclusion — when the baby teeth fall out due to injury or decay, the adult teeth may start shifting as they erupt, which results in misaligned teeth.
  • An Adult Tooth is Facing the Wrong Way — if an adult tooth does not follow the direction of its corresponding baby tooth, it may erupt in a different location.
  • The Baby Tooth is Ankylosed — when a primary tooth does not loosen and fall out, it may be fused with the bone. This issue can make it difficult or impossible for the adult tooth to erupt. Left untreated, nearby adult teeth may move, which can cause bone loss.
  • Anodontia or Partial Anodontia (i.e., Hypodontia) — these terms refer to a genetic condition. If an individual has this condition, some of his or her teeth never develop. The total absence of teeth (anodontia) is rare. Hypodontia, which refers to the absence of a tooth or several teeth, is seen more frequently. Typically, if the baby tooth is missing, so is the adult tooth; however, the presence of a baby tooth does not guarantee an adult tooth exists.

The Connection Between the Order of Tooth Eruption and Overcrowding

Preventing the development or intercepting the path of a malocclusion is a much less complicated and more economical solution than just waiting to correct the issues it causes later.According to the case-control study Tooth Eruption Sequence and Dental Crowding, the order in which a child’s teeth erupt can help determine which children are likely to develop a malocclusion related to a tooth size arch length discrepancy (TSALD). This study concludes that routine screening can help diagnose children who are at risk of developing mild to severe overcrowding. Once these children are identified, a treatment plan can be created.

Choose an Experienced Orthodontist

An experienced orthodontist not only focuses on reaching an individual’s aesthetic goals, but also considers the physiological factors related to the patient's jaw structure and alignment. Parents can help their children attain a beautiful smile and maintain optimum orthodontic health by choosing a Docbraces’ orthodontist to care for their teeth. At Docbraces, we know that each patient is unique, which is why we create custom-designed treatment plans. When we tailor a treatment to meet the needs of a specific patient, he or she receives the best results possible.

Docbraces: Affordable, High-Quality Orthodontic Care

Docbraces offers affordable, high-quality orthodontic care for the whole family. We strive to provide each of our patients with innovative dental treatments at the most reasonable prices available in and around the Maritimes.

The Docbraces Difference

At each of our state-of-the-art locations we offer incentive programs, interest-free payment plans that require no credit check, family discounts, online patient portals as well as free initial consultations and second opinions.Let us help you and your child attain the smile you long for. To schedule a free consultation with one of our orthodontists, call 1-866-639-7695 today or, if you prefer, just click here to fill out our online appointment request form. We have offices located in Ottawa and London, Ontario; Moncton, New Brunswick; Summerside and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; as well as, Dartmouth, Halifax and Truro, Nova Scotia.

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