Platinum Invisalign Provider 2018Invisalign is a unique orthodontic system that uses state of the art technology to create perfectly fitting aligners instead of traditional bracket and wire braces. These aligners slowly move your teeth to their optimal condition during the course of your treatment. Each aligner is made of nearly invisible, surgical grade plastic and is changed every two weeks. Subsequent aligner trays are slightly different, so they are quick to get used to and cause only minimal discomfort, but subtly change the position and alignment of your teeth.

The aligner trays are removable so you’ll take them out to eat and drink, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle during your treatment. You’ll also be able to remove them for special occasions if you feel that’s necessary, but since most people won’t be able to notice them you probably won’t need to!


pic-invisalignDocbraces is a Platinum Invisalign Provider, so you’re in good hands, and we can treat even moderate to complex cases that some other orthodontists can’t. In some of our locations, we have a 3D scanner, allowing us to take exact, digital impressions of your teeth. The more accurate the scan, the better fitting the trays, and the quicker you’ll be able to feel the results.

Being a Platinum Invisalign Provider means that we’ve treated over 800 cases with this system of aligner trays, and we’re in the top 1% of all orthodontists in North America. Our orthodontists and Smile Team™ have received over 300 hours of continuing education to ensure that we’re experienced with the latest advancements in technology so we can carry on providing the high quality of care that our patients have come to know and expect from us.


The Docbraces orthodontists are always looking for the newest options to offer to our patients. With half of our clients being over 19, and knowing that many adult patients want to avoid an obvious treatment, we’re very pleased to be able to provide a range of alternatives that are less apparent than traditional metal braces. Clear braces are one of these options. They are made with a translucent, clear ceramic material that stays the same colour throughout your treatment because it doesn’t attract stains. Depending on the complexity of your case, it’s possible that you’ll require metal braces on your bottom teeth. In this case, you’ll still be able to have clear braces on your most visible, upper, front teeth.


damon-clearDamon Clear is a popular treatment option, and Docbraces offers two alternatives: Radiance and Empower. These systems are translucent so many people will have a hard time noticing that you’re even having an orthodontic treatment. These technologically advanced options feature brackets which the archwires hook into, without the need for elastics. They move your teeth efficiently and quickly, and can reduce discomfort as they don’t require the “tightening” that traditional braces would. These options provide unbeatable results, without being too obvious.


When you choose friction-free braces for your treatment, you’ll experience a more comfortable, faster, and easier-to-maintain treatment. This high-tech, fine and uniquely shaped wire helps to re-position and align your teeth faster than traditional braces, and doesn’t require as many adjustments over the course of your treatment. Friction-free braces are designed with a mechanism that keeps the wire in place while enabling your teeth to move in a more natural and comfortable way. Treatment with this type of braces also has the advantage of lasting 4-6 months less than traditional braces.

With friction-free braces, over half of the material used is a ceramic reinforced composite designed specifically to resist staining and wear. It’s very unlikely to discolour or weaken throughout the course of your treatment. Since this treatment self-ligates and doesn’t require ties or elastics, it is also less likely to attract and collect plaque helping you maintain a high level of oral hygiene. The ceramic and stainless steel used also give the brackets a smaller appearance, and a more pleasing appearance.


For patients who would only like to treat their upper, and possibly lower, six front teeth, Express Smiles™ is a great option. These teeth are the most prominent, and are often called the “social six”. Depending on the complexity of your case, your options can include Invisalign, traditional or clear braces.

Express Smiles™ can take 6-10 months for your treatment and cost considerably less than a complete orthodontic treatment. This option works particularly well for:

  • patients who are only interested in aligning their front teeth, are satisfied with their current bite and who accept the challenges and risks or a poor bite.
  • patients who previously wore braces but not their retainer afterwards, and need to address a relapse in their alignment or bite.
  • a patient looking for a conservative treatment option to straighten their most visible teeth without undergoing the full treatment.
  • a patient who is looking for a shorter, and more budget-friendly alternative to full-scale treatment.

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