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Orthodontist – Halifax

Buy Adipex 37.5 Diet Pills   Buy Xanax In Houston   Orthodontist – Halifax

Docbraces are experts in orthodontic treatment and we’d love to assist you in our Halifax practice, which is led by Dr. Andrew Thompson and Dr. Kevin Knowlton. Our office is located conveniently on the Kearney Lake Road and we are able to treat a range of dental issues, from the simple to the complex, in patients from ages 7 and up. We’re happy to offer free consultations to our new patients so please call and make an appointment today if you have any orthodontic issues you’d like to address.

Orthodontists are trained to address issues that are caused by improper bites from irregular spacing of teeth, mis-matched jaw relationships or a combination of both. If left untreated, these issues can cause pain and other health issues. In many cases, poor bites can have a large impact on self-esteem.

When you come to see us, we’ll use a number of diagnostic strategies to figure out what kinds of problems you’re facing and develop a strategy to address these issues and any concerns you might have.

Halifax Orthodontist Treatments

We offer a range of treatments in our Halifax, Nova Scotia office, including:

  • Invisalign
  • Clear braces
  • Damon Clear braces
  • Friction-free braces
  • Express Smiles™ treatment for certain candidates.

Orthodontic treatment has a range of benefits that you might not know about including helping improve oral hygiene, allowing your body to absorb more nutrients from food through better chewing, and a reduction in the chance of gum or heart disease.

Docbraces Halifax Team

Dr. Thompson and Dr. Knowlton are supported by Patient Services Coordinator Janet Collins who has been part of the Docbraces team since 2009, Financial Coordinator Jeanette Gordon who has 25 years experience in the dental industry, and Treatment Coordinator Tracy Bourque who has been working in orthodontic practices for 20 years.

Our team of orthodontic hygienists includes Stephanie Reeves and Melanie Kelly, and Lisa Marchand is our Orthodontic Assistant.

Lorazepam Buy Cheap

Order Xanax

An odd pattern of tooth eruption can cause more orthodontic problems for a child than is seen when the permanent (adult) teeth come in several months too early or too late. If your child’s teeth do not come in as expected, his or her bite and smile could both be affected. Studies show that changes Buy Adipex 37.5 Mg

Order Xanax Bars Online

The teeth are naturally organized in such a way as to provide support to one another; therefore, if a tooth is missing, this lost support causes additional force to be placed on the remaining teeth. Some people are actually born missing teeth. While missing teeth are a problem, extra teeth are also Cheap Ambient Synth