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By using advance techniques such as Damon system and Orthocad IQ computer-aided brace placement, our patients only have to use removable elastics a fraction of the time, compared to older techniques of tooth alignment. Elastic wear is necessary in 90% or more of cases to provide perfect alignment of your bite, so that your teeth come together properly when they close together. Diligent use of elastics can correct significant over-bites or under-bites and eliminate the need for much more drastic procedures such as jaw surgery! So please remember that proper elastic wear can be paramount in achieving the best possible outcome during your treatment.

The good news is that you are only asked to wear elastics during the finishing stages of your treatment. During the first week of elastic wear it is normal to experience some tooth discomfort and a little soreness in your jaws. However, this quickly dissipates if you ‘stick it out’ and your reward will be a significant reduction in overall treatment time, if you wear them as instructed.

Typically, you are required to wear your elastics full-time for the first few months, in other words they should only be removed to eat, play sports, or brush – otherwise they have to be in your mouth to work! If you wear your elastics all day long for the first few months as instructed, you may quickly progress only having to wear them when you sleep.

It is simple, wear your elastics and get your braces off sooner!

We will provide you with a supply of elastics at each appointment and please remember to:

  • change your elastics at least once a day as they loose there stretch/elasticity over time
  • remove them only to eat, brush, or play sports
  • carry some spare elastics so they can be replaced immediately if they are misplaced or break
  • if you run out of elastics, simply drop by our office to pick up some more (or we can mail them to you)

Please work very hard at wearing your elastics, as you will be awarded with a winning smile at the end!

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