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At docbraces something, we value every smile. As Canada's largest orthodontic network, we offer personalized treatment with flexible payment options. Our expert team ensures your comfort and satisfaction, fostering self-assurance and well-being. Join our community of delighted patients, experience the transformative power of a docbraces smile, and unlock a lifetime of confidence. Start your journey to a confident, lifelong smile today!

We empower patients with confident, lasting smiles, transforming lives one smile at a time.

What is orthodontics ?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting teeth and jaw alignment issues. It involves using appliances such as braces, aligners or retainers to move teeth into the correct position. The goal of orthodontic treatment is to improve the function and appearance of a person's teeth and bite.

Our approach

Our top priority is to ensure that our patients feel comfortable and at ease during their visit. Our team puts the needs of our patients first, providing efficient and comprehensive treatment using personalized treatment plans for every patient. We take pride in our skilled and trained staff who are dedicated to offering excellent, enthusiastic, and informative service to each patient. We treat our patients like family, and our staff is entirely service-oriented. We love what we do, and we come to work every day as a team to work for you. When you visit us, you'll feel right at home!


Jack.Org - our new partner!

We're excited to share that we have partnered with Jack.Org to help increase mental health awareness, knowledge, and literacy in our clinics and communities. is Canada’s only youth mental health charity partnering with young leaders in every province and territory to improve youth mental health outcomes in their communities. Jack.Org programs work upstream to build confidence, knowledge and skills, so that youth are better prepared to support themselves and their friends through a mental health struggle.

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