3 Ways Orthodontic Treatment Makes You Look Younger

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3 Ways Orthodontic Treatment Makes You Look Younger

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When our patients over the age of 21 decide to visit us for their initial consultations, we find that it’s typically for two main reasons: to reduce pain or discomfort from misaligned bites, and to address any self-esteem or confidence issues stemming from cosmetic concerns related to their smiles. Many patients are surprised to learn about the other changes that can happen just by addressing what often seem like straightforward malocclusion issues. Often, a major benefit of braces or alternatives like Invisalign is that you’ll look and feel younger when you’re finished. Keep reading to learn how that’s possible.

Facial Transformation

Our patients are pleasantly surprised by the changes in their appearance that often accompany their orthodontic treatment. These changes are very subtle and are mainly thanks to the symmetry that braces and Invisalign can provide. Your treatment might also help to widen your arches slightly, broadening your smile and contributing to an overall look of fuller cheeks and lips, higher or more defined cheekbones and even smoother skin.

Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

The health benefits of orthodontic treatment to correct any bite or alignment issues are well documented, influencing more than just how fantastic you feel about your new smile. The longer term impacts of braces, Invisalign or other appliances will keep you looking as young as you feel for many years to come. Correcting any malocclusion issues results in the reduction of:

  • headaches and migraines
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • TMJ discomfort
  • sinus problems
  • lower back issues
  • irritable bowel symptoms

Reducing frequent pain from these issues can quickly increase your quality of life, helping you improve sleep quality, smile more often, and share your youthful smile.You’ll also discover that your new smile will help you maintain great standards of oral hygiene because there will be fewer places for bacteria to hide, reducing the chance that you’ll have problems with gum disease or cavities and help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Power of a Smile

Most people would say that smiling is one easy way to keep yourself looking younger, but not when you’re hesitant to show it to the world. Smiling is also one of the most important ways that humans communicate with each other, and this simple act even releases the all-important “happy hormones” serotonin and dopamine. Smiling also reduces stress, helping us relax and avoid looking worn-down or exhausted. It also helps boost our bodies’ immune functions. After (and even during) your orthodontic treatment, you’ll notice yourself smiling more and unlocking all these benefits in the process.

There’s never been a better time to get a beautiful smile you can be confident of and all the amazing health benefits that come with it! Book your FREE consultation now!

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