Study: A Beautiful, Healthy-looking Smile Makes You Look Happier and More Successful

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Study: A Beautiful, Healthy-looking Smile Makes You Look Happier and More Successful

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Let's face it: If braces were free, just about anyone with crowded or crooked teeth would have orthodontic treatment. But because braces cost money, that makes a lot of people falter when deciding whether or not to get treatment – and that's usually because of one or two common misconceptions: 1. They're not worth it, or 2. They can't afford it.

Everyone Deserves a Beautiful Smile

For adults considering braces, there may be a lot of expenditures competing for priority, and that can sometimes make obtaining care problematic. It's not always human nature to put your own needs first, especially if you believe braces are purely a cosmetic expense. So first, let's put that notion to rest: Having braces can help you have healthier teeth so you can actually reduce your risks for tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss – and that means plenty of potential savings down the road. Teeth that are straight and properly aligned and spaced and much easier to care for, and that means it's much harder for bacteria to hide and cause disease and decay. Plus, studies show reducing the bacteria that cause gum disease can also reduce the risks of developing chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and stroke. So while it's true braces can provide a significant cosmetic benefit, it's also true they're very important for improving oral health as well as overall health. And there's nothing selfish about that.

Making Braces Affordable

Of course, the second issue – price – is one of the major obstacles for many people considering whether or not to have braces or Invisalign® treatment. And it is true: The cost of braces can be significant, and while some dental insurance plans cover part or most of the cost associated with braces, there are plenty of plans that offer little or no coverage, and many people who don't have any dental insurance to help cover the costs.Does that mean you have to forego the benefits of having a great-looking smile and straighter, healthier teeth? Not at all! At our practice, we understand the physical and psychological benefits of having straight teeth, and we work with patients to help them find financing options that can help make the cost of treatment much more affordable.What's more, while it's easy to think of braces as a cost, it's actually better to think of it as an investment. Why? In part because orthodontics can help you enjoy better oral and overall health – definitely important investments. But studies have shown having straighter, more attractive teeth can also have a direct influence on how other people perceive you. For instance, in a study independently conducted for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, researchers found people with straighter, healthier-looking teeth were perceived to be happier, friendlier, kinder, wealthier, more successful – even more intelligent – compared to those whose teeth were not well cared for. The study used before-and-after pictures of the same people to eliminate biases.

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As a leading braces and Invisalign® provider in Moncton, NB, Amherst, NS, Charlottetown, PEI, and throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, we understand the concerns and questions patients have about braces and orthodontic treatment in general. During our consultation appointments, we help every patient understand what's involved in treatment as well as the steps we can take together to help fit the cost of braces into just about any budget.If you have questions about braces or Invisalign®, let us help you find the answers. Call us today at 1-866-639-7695 and schedule your consultation appointment so you can learn how easy and affordable it can be to have the beautiful, healthy-looking smile you deserve.

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