Braces Aftercare: What Can I Expect at the End of my Treatment?

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Braces Aftercare: What Can I Expect at the End of my Treatment?

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The day has finally come! You're ready to trade in your Invisalign trays or brackets and wires for the beautiful, healthy smile you've been waiting so long for! You might have some questions about what you can expect when you visit the orthodontist on the big day, and what will happen in the months after your active orthodontic treatment is over.

Last appointment with braces

If you're wearing braces, your last appointment is when your brackets will be removed, or de-bonded, and you'll have a thorough checkup with your orthodontist. This appointment will take about an hour, and we'll take an x-ray and some pictures of your results.

For patients with braces or Invisalign, it might be determined that you'll require a retainer to protect the stability of your beautiful, healthy new smile. If you need a retainer, moulds will be taken to create a perfect fitting and comfortable appliance.

Dentist visit and cleaning

Although you visited the orthodontist every 6-8 weeks during your treatment and got regular cleanings, you'll still need a thorough checkup from your dentist. You'll also need to schedule a cleaning to ensure that any areas that were hard to reach or got missed while you had braces or Invisalign are spotless! When you wait for the recommended 6-8 weeks after your braces come off, you'll give any swelling or tenderness you experienced in your gums some time to heal making your appointment much more comfortable.

Three months after your braces come off

Once your braces have been off or you've stopped wearing your Invisalign trays for three months, you'll visit us again for a check-up. This allows us to see how stable your results are. We'll also check that you are wearing your retainer every day and following our recommendations to keep your healthy smile.

Six months after your braces come off

This will be the very last time you'll visit us! At this appointment, we'll be sure that your retainer is still fitting well, and then most patients can transition to wearing it only at nighttime.

Hopefully this helps to shine a bit more light on what will happen at the end of your treatment. Don't forget that consultations and second opinions are always FREE, so schedule a visit your nearest Docbraces location today! We can't wait to help you get a healthy, beautiful smile.

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