Braces for Kids: Does My Child Really Need Orthodontic Treatment?

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Braces for Kids: Does My Child Really Need Orthodontic Treatment?

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It’s should go without saying that we all have a friend or family member whose child has braces or has gone through some sort of orthodontic treatment. It’s incredibly common. As a matter of fact, it’s estimated that 300,000 children in Canada are currently seeing an orthodontist, and in the United States, over 4 million people wear braces. All that said, it is still a commitment, and often times we will hear people express their concerns when they enter our offices. In this piece, we’re going to talk about how to determine if your child needs orthodontic treatment. Then, we’ll discuss the benefits associated with orthodontic treatment for children, as well as introduce you to the different types of treatments that are available. It is our hope that when you finish reading this post, you’ll be confident that you are making the best decision for you child.
How Do I Know if my Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

Your orthodontist will be best able to determine the answer to this question for you. Many issues that can be solved through orthodontic treatment are not necessarily visible to the untrained eye, so speaking to a professional is, without a doubt, your best bet. Did you know that at Docbraces, you do not need a referral from a dentist? Simply book a FREE consultation!

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

Many people believe that braces, Invisalign and other orthodontic treatments are strictly a cosmetic choice, but this could not be further from the truth. It is true that orthodontic treatment can boost a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, but these benefits are secondary compared to many others, including:

The correcting of harmful oral habits

The prevention of wear or injury to teeth and jaw joints through the correction of overbites, underbites, and crossbites

Improved ease of breathing

Helping to better manage oral hygiene

Encouraging better absorption of nutrients and relief of digestive problems through increased bite contact

In addition, orthodontic treatment at a young age can serve as a preventative measure against the need for braces and oral surgery later in life, as well as the development of tooth decay, gum disease, and heart disease.

What Treatments are Available for my Child?

It is recommended to have orthodontic treatments done early so that it corresponds with natural stages of growth, and all children should visit an orthodontist at the age of 7. There are a wide assortment of minimally invasive orthodontic treatments available for your child, including:
  • Palatal Expanders - Palatal Expanders help provide room to adult teeth so they can emerge in a more ideal position, as well as reduce crowding.
  • Myofunctional Trainers - Typically worn by younger children (usually between the ages of 5 - 9), myofunctional trainers are worn during sleep to correct habits such as thumb sucking, as well as widen dental arches and encourage the proper positioning of teeth.
  • Braces - Perhaps the most well known orthodontic treatment, braces for kids can be used (depending on development and treatment requirements), as a way of obtaining desired results.
The longterm mental and physical benefits associated with the shortterm investment of recommended orthodontic treatment for your child are monumental. The friendly professionals at your local Docbraces office are more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, so schedule a free consultation today.

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