Serving Winnipeg Smiles: Merging our clinics for patient convenience & enhanced availability

Serving Winnipeg Smiles: Merging our clinics for patient convenience & enhanced availability

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Merging our Winnipeg clinics to better serve your smiles

At docbraces, we have always taken tremendous pride in our focus and dedication to the community and to our patients in the Winnipeg area. To better serve our patients in Winnipeg and surrounding area, our Winnipeg Cityplace clinic will be merging with our St. Vital clinic as of August 15, 2024.

All Cityplace patient records will be seamlessly transferred to the St. Vital clinic. All patients at both our Cityplace and St. Vital clinics will benefit from improved access to care with expanded appointment availability, and a consistent, dedicated Orthodontist offering our patients the exceptional care you’ve come to expect from clinics in the docbraces network.

The Winnipeg St. Vital clinic will continue to be led by Dr. Febe Kuo, and the same great team our patients have come to know and love. All of our members of the Cityplace team will be joining the St. Vital team, allowing our Cityplace patients the chance to still see the team that they have come to know and love.

Expanded clinic hours, more convenient appointments

By merging our Winnipeg Cityplace and St. Vital clinics, we’re able to expand our clinic hours and better accommodate patients. We’ll have more availability during the week for your appointments, with the same great team serving your smile. There is ample free parking at the St. Vital location, and as an added bonus is conveniently located near the St. Vital Mall.

Exceptional Orthodontic care as part of the docbraces network

Our patients love the peace of mind that comes from having their treatment overseen by an Orthodontic Specialist, who is solely dedicated to their care and giving them the confident smile they deserve.

We know things can change over your treatment time! With a network of 65+ locations across Canada, you have the flexibility to easily transfer to another docbraces location without incurring the additional costs typically associated with transferring to a new care provider.

Orthodontic treatment is an investment. At docbraces, our team works with you to not only help you get your dream smile, but find a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. Clinics in the docbraces network benefit from our flexible financing program, docbraces flexsmile. With a choice of down payment and financing options for braces or Invisalign, you can tailor or extend payments to work for you.

Plus, insurance assignment is available at most docbraces locations, meaning less paperwork and hassle for patients with coverage.

Support for First Nation patients

At docbraces, we strive to support all of our patients and we are thrilled to offer support for our First Nations patients who may have Orthodontic coverage through F.N.I.H.B. or Jordan's Principle. We are happy to compile and submit all required forms and documents to apply for funding, and we handle all of the billing on behalf of our First Nations patients. Our team is experienced with the F.N.I.H.B approval process and is here to support our patients along the way.

Dedicated doctor leading your Orthodontic care: Dr. Febe Kuo

Dr. Febe, as you are welcome to call her, enjoys every patient’s journey to a straighter, glowing smile. It is her lifelong passion to help patients achieve their dream smile. Dr. Febe is originally from the tropical island of Taiwan, a paradise for foodies everywhere. She obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) as one of the top in her class from China Medical University in her hometown of Central Taiwan and completed her internship at National Cheng Kung University in Southern Taiwan. After graduation, she worked as a general dentist.

In her heart, she felt the need to be somewhere else. That adventurous spirit brought her to Winnipeg, where she completed a three-year Orthodontic residency and obtained her Master's Degree in Orthodontics (M.Sc.) at the University of Manitoba. Here, she had the chance to train with brilliant fellow residents from around the world. The training program at the U of M is unparalleled, and she collaborated with world-class researchers and Orthodontists. From them, she learned a wide range of orthodontic philosophies and treatment approaches, including fixed orthodontics utilizing twin or self-ligating brackets, Invisalign clear aligners, combined surgical and orthodontic treatments, cleft palate treatments, early intervention in mixed dentition, and the use of different functional appliances. Her patients ranged in age from 8 to 80. This was a rewarding and inspiring experience that equipped her with the skills to make a meaningful impact in the lives of her patients.

Dr. Febe has found her new home in the heart of Canada, where she relishes both the stunning summer and the lengthy yet soothing winter. Outside of her practice, she keeps herself occupied by running after her two very active babies. On top of that, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen alongside her wonderful husband – even if it gets a bit messy. They also love taking walks on the beautiful trails across the city, but only when the temperature is above -25°C.

Looking for braces, Invisalign, or orthodontic treatment in the Winnipeg area? Dr. Febe Kuo would be happy to see you for a free consultation. She offers orthodontic treatment for adults, as well as orthodontics for kids and teens. She is thrilled to help patients in Winnipeg and surrounding areas get the confident smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Pictured right: Dr. Febe Kuo

Febe Kuo

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Dr. Febe and our Winnipeg  team supporting the 12 tables fundraiser event on a chilly May day

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