How to Determine the Price of Braces

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How to Determine the Price of Braces

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While it's near impossible to put a price on health and happiness, it's a fact that orthodontic patients have many questions about the price of braces, Invisalign and other treatment alternatives. And rightly so! Docbraces is pleased to make this part of the process as easy and painless as the dental treatment itself.

It’s FREE to Start

Unlike most medical specialties, a referral is not required in order to book an initial consultation at Docbraces, and this first-time meeting is free! Those who are interested in learning about their orthodontic options can call 1-866-639-7695 or use the convenient online form [link] to book their free consultation.

Handy Payment Calculator

The necessary treatment that your orthodontist recommends based on your unique case will ultimately determine the total cost. If you've verified the price with your Docbraces orthodontist or otherwise have an idea of what the approximate cost will be, you can use the online payment calculator on the Docbraces website to map out your payments. It’s just a matter of inputting a down payment amount, the insurance coverage amount and the length of treatment. From this, the calculator will give you an approximate treatment cost.

This calculator is provided to help patients estimate their payments, but the final cost of treatment and payment terms will be based on each individual’s case complexity. Just like the treatment and diagnoses – each patient is different.

Choices, Choices…

Docbraces is happy to offer 0% financing and no credit checks with a low down payment for all patients.

Not only are the plans flexible and interest free, but the payments to Docbraces are spread out, as equal monthly payments, over the whole course of treatment. Typically, only a small down payment is required to begin treatment.

Another option is to pay the full amount of the orthodontic treatment at the beginning. In these cases, a 5% reduction will be applied to the total fee! Also, a discount (based on the individual’s treatment plan) is offered when more than one family member undergoes treatment at the Docbraces office.

And remember, orthodontic fees are qualified medical expenses – they may be claimed for income tax purposes. Make sure you verify your individual eligibility with your accountant or tax advisor.

Consultations are free, as is a discussion about payments. With no need for a referral you can call or email anytime to make an appointment. Chances are orthodontic treatment may not be as expensive as you think!

To learn more about how the orthodontists at Docbraces use braces and alternatives like Invisalign to give you the smile you’ve always wanted, download the FREE guide: How Do Braces Work? The 4 Steps of Treatment.

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