Five Reasons to Get an Orthodontist's Second Opinion

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Five Reasons to Get an Orthodontist's Second Opinion

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Many people would get a second opinion for home or car repairs, but very few would consider one before starting to wear braces or Invisalign. Did you know that you can get a second opinion for your orthodontic treatment? Getting a second opinion before you choose an orthodontist is very important, reassuring you that you've made the right choice in the orthodontist that you've selected. Here are the five most important reasons to see your Docbraces orthodontistfor a second opinion.

Cost Savings

There's no doubt that orthodontic treatment is an investment. That's why you want to be sure that you're being offered the best possible prices and the most convenient payment plans. At Docbraces, we offer a number of financing options, including:

  • Discounts for paying for your treatment upfront or if more than one family member undergoes treatment
  • Flexible payment plans without the need for credit checks
  • Braces that start at $49/week
  • Direct billing to your insurance provider wherever possible
  • You can even estimate your cost of treatment with our Online Payment Calculator.

Treatment Alternatives

When you get a second opinion, you might find that you're offered a number of alternatives to the original treatment plan that was presented to you. For example, you might have wanted to try clear braces or Invisalign, but you were told they weren't suitable based on the complexity of your case. At Docbraces, we're proud to be one of the very few Elite Invisalign Providers in Atlantic Canada. That means we can offer Invisalign as a treatment to patients in Halifax, Dartmouth, Moncton, Summerside, and Charlottetown who suffer from mild and moderate misalignment issues. And—unlike many other orthodontists—we can also treat patients suffering from much more complex issues with these clear, plastic trays.

Experienced Provider

A second opinion before orthodontic treatment is particularly important if you were offered braces by a dentist. Orthodontists have three years more training in tooth and jaw alignment issues and are specialized in treating orthodontic issues with braces. A certified orthodontist will be able to offer you a range of treatments that they are fully trained in, improving the stability of your final results and providing you with peace of mind that your provider is fully familiar with your unique situation.

Great Relationship

It's important that when you begin working with an orthodontist and orthodontic team you feel comfortable. After all, you'll be visiting them every few months! When you have a second opinion, you'll be able to meet another team of experienced professionals. Being comfortable with your orthodontist and the practice you've chosen can influence your final results, as any anxiety or stress you feel can have an impact on your final outcomes.

It's Free!

There's no need to worry about the costs associated with having one of our orthodontists look at your case because your consultation and second opinion at Docbraces will always be free.

For more on the importance of second opinions and what you should be asking during yours, download our guide: Orthodontist's Second Opinions: 5 Reasons to Get Treatment Alternatives, and What to Ask.

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