Free Mouthguard for Kids in Halifax, too!

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Free Mouthguard for Kids in Halifax, too!

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Docbraces has been offering free custom mouthguards and mini orthodontic consultations through our Guard My Smile program to kids throughout the Maritimes for years. Did you know that it’s also available in all of our Halifax-area practices? If your child participates in one or more of a whole range of sports and activities, there’s a good chance they can benefit from a custom mouthguard made by our experienced team. Read on to find out why you should book their appointment today!

What are the benefits of mouthguards?

Mouthguards are shown to drastically reduce the likelihood that injuries will occur and minimize the severity of any that can’t be prevented. Further, research shows that athletes who don’t protect themselves with mouthguards are over 60 times more likely to suffer from injuries to their teeth, mouths and bite. Injuries at this age can have also have an impact on overall oral health.Did you know that one third of young people will sustain a dental injury before they leave high school? That makes protecting young athletes aged 10-14 even more important! Mouthguards can help prevent not just the knocking out or loss of teeth, but also reduce tooth fractures as well as keep soft-tissue cuts and bruises in the lips, cheeks or tongue from happening.

Why does your child need a mouthguard?

There are many sports where a mouthguard would be an obvious and welcome addition to the gear required, but did you know that mouthguards can be useful for any sport where even light contact occurs? Besides hockey, soccer, football or basketball, mouthguards would benefit kids who participate in gymnastics or tumbling, martial arts and even skiing and snowboarding.

Who can get a mouthguard?

All kids ages 10-14 who play sports or participate in activities are eligible for a free custom mouthguard. We’re happy to provide them to entire teams who are interested in insuring all players stay safe. We always include a free mini orthodontic consultation when young athletes visit any of our locations for their moulds—another great reason to book your appointment now.

Why does Docbraces offer mouthguards?

Our mouthguard program was created several years ago as part of our commitment to our communities through our very own Project Smile. We know how hard it can be for kids ages 10-14 to be confident, particularly if they struggle from image consciousness. Our goal with Guard My Smile is to ensure that young people can safely play sports and develop critical teamwork and social skills, all while protecting their pearly whites!

When you’re ready to discuss how a mouthguard could have an positive impact on your child, or for your sports team, book an appointment with Dr. Stefanuto and the Halifax Docbraces Smile Team today.

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