Why Getting Braces Makes You Smile More

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Why Getting Braces Makes You Smile More

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Besides not being afraid of showing off your teeth at parties or job interviews and every situation in-between, there are lots of reasons why orthodontic treatment will help you feel more confident about showing off your pearly whites. Orthodontic treatment has several clear benefits that will boost your self-esteem and increase your overall quality of life.

Children and Braces

When children get the orthodontic treatment they need to correct any malocclusion issues, there are a number of distinct advantages that they’ll have over their peers who don’t receive orthodontic treatment. A study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics compared children who had braces to children who didn’t. At the end of their treatment, the group that had braces saw several distinct advantages over the group without them: they reported that they were happier, had higher self-esteem and were less anxious than kids who weren’t treated. Even at this young age, correcting any malocclusion issues can have a positive life-long impact, and that is sure to make everyone smile.

Adults and Braces

You’re never too old to benefit from braces, and our experience with adults includes patients up to 70 years old. Whatever your age, one thing is for certain: it’s never a bad time to gain the self-esteem and cosmetic benefits of braces or Invisalign. For our patients over the age of 21, the most common feedback is that the subtle changes that come from wearing braces help them feel even more confident. For example, the result of treatment is often more symmetry in your facial features leading to fuller cheeks and lips, a broader smile, higher cheekbones and an all-around more youthful appearance. And who wouldn’t smile at that?

Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

More generally, there are so many aspects of your overall health that braces or Invisalign can help to improve, whatever your age. Correcting any orthodontic issues can help reduce the chances you’ll develop cavities or serious gum disease. The rotations and repositioning of your teeth that happen during your treatment will close any gaps and address any spaces that would normally be an ideal place for bacteria to grow. That allows you to brush and floss much more easily, which is great news since good oral health has been linked to a reduction in heart and other lifestyle related diseases.A poorly aligned bite can wreak havoc on other areas of your body, not just your jaws or face. Our patients often experience headaches or migraines, neck and shoulder pain, and even lower back pain which all stem from malocclusion issues. Even sinus issues can be improved by orthodontic treatment. When you feel healthier inside, it will naturally begin to show on the outside--through an increase in smiles.

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