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Getting Braces in New Brunswick

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Healthy, beautiful smiles are our passion. Regardless of your age, it’s never too early or too late to consider how getting braces in New Brunswick can improve your smile, your confidence and overall health and well being.Docbraces offers affordable and convenient solutions, from braces to Invisalign, for a beautiful smile at our centrally-located Moncton office.

We work with patients of all ages, from 7-70+. The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have their first consultation with an orthodontist by age 7, but it’s never too late! In fact, nearly 50% of our patients are adults.

There is always an element of the unknown when it comes to orthodontic treatment. This can be scary—we have all seen the exaggerations of painful “metal mouths” and outdated, painful treatment methods. And, especially for some older patients, there can be a social stigma associated with having braces.

Luckily, orthodontic technology has advanced significantly over the past few years. Modern orthodontic treatment options are comfortable, effective, discrete and perhaps most importantly, more affordable than ever before.

Despite these advances and improvements, the decision to pursue orthodontic treatment isn’t made lightly, especially when it comes to choosing the orthodontist and clinic that’s right for you. With that in mind, we have made every effort to ensure your New Brunswick braces experience is as easy as possible.


Orthodontic treatment should not be a hassle. We understand that your time is valuable so we insure your visits are as convenient as possible. We make every effort to offer:

  • reduced treatment time
  • fewer appointments
  • flexible payment plans with no credit checks required
  • direct billing to insurance


Our use of cutting edge technology ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Some of the many techniques we use include:

  • braces technology that use natural, low forces to move teeth
  • lighter, more flexible and friction-free materials
  • reduced hardware

In addition to our treatment methods, we also strive to ensure your visits to our office is a pleasant experience. Our offices include several amenities such as:

  • patient arcade
  • complimentary coffee and hot chocolate
  • wireless internet access

Discreet Treatments

Discretion is a key component of our treatment methods; we want to ensure your treatment is barely noticeable. We use clear and ceramic braces made from strain-free materials and also offer Invisalign which includes the use of removable, invisible aligners. Invisalign is perhaps the most discreet option for teeth straightening on the market today.

There are many factors involved in choosing the right orthodontist. It’s important to feel like you can ask questions and have received a thorough explanation of what involved in your treatment before, during, and after it occurs. But most importantly, you should always choose the orthodontist that feels right for you.

To learn more about treatment options and how Docbraces can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, book a FREE consultation with one of our New Brunswick orthodontists – no referral required. We’d welcome the chance to get to you know better.

Or, download our handy patient guides for more information:

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