Helping Your Child Adjust to Life With Braces

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Helping Your Child Adjust to Life With Braces

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Lots of kids begin orthodontic treatment in the summer, and now that everyone is back to school, they may be feeling a little nervous about their new look. The truth is that there’s nothing to feel nervous about, and braces are more common today than ever before, but we thought it would still be helpful to provide you with some tips for helping your child adjust to their new treatment, as well as information you can offer to help them keep their braces looking their absolute best.

Getting Used to Braces

It’s important that you child know that it won’t take long for them to get used to their new braces. As the design of braces has continued to evolve, they have become more and more discrete and non-invasive. While your child may develop a lisp initially, you can assure them that this will be temporary and as they get accustom to their braces, they will quickly begin to sound like their old self again.

Keeping Kids' Braces Clean

Of course, it’s important that your child keep their braces clean in order to ensure they are able to do their job. This means that your child should brush their teeth after every meal (and even every snack if possible!) and floss daily. Not only will this will this help keep your child’s teeth clean, it will also ensure that any food that gets caught in their braces is removed quickly.While on the subject of food, you should also remind your children which foods they should avoid. As a general rule, they should not be eating hard, brittle food, such as hard candy, uncooked vegetables, pizza crust, and breads with a lot of crust. Sticky foods should also be off the menu, including taffy, Starburst, caramels, and Skittles.In general, sticking to soft foods can go a long way in ensuring your child’s braces stay secure. Not only that, soft foods (along with using a soft-bristled toothbrush) can help relieve the slight pain that is associated with having braces adjusted.

Tracking Orthodontic Progress

Changes in your child’s smile can happen as early as their first wires, so it’s important to let them know that they’re going to start seeing the changes they want very quickly. Once they see progress, there’s no doubt they’ll be more confident about their orthodontic treatment.

Braces: The Best Choice For Your Child

Orthodontic treatment is a smart choice for your child. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that children who need orthodontic treatment and receive it are much happier than those that don’t. Helping your child adjust to life with braces will help them show off their new smile with confidence throughout the school year. For more information on orthodontic treatment for your child, contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation!

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