Invisalign & Clear Braces: Attractive, Discreet Treatments for Adults

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Invisalign & Clear Braces: Attractive, Discreet Treatments for Adults

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Having braces is no longer a right of passage reserved exclusively for kids and teenagers. We are seeing more adults than ever before – nearly 50% of Docbraces patients, in fact – who are looking for a healthy, beautiful smile and straighter teeth.Orthodontic technology has advanced significantly over the past few years, which means that adults have a number of discreet, comfortable and even attractive treatment options to choose from. Having braces is no longer something to be embarrassed about. Before you commit, it’s important to know which treatment options are available and which may be a good fit for your dental situation and lifestyle.In addition to standard metal braces, a wide range of technologically advanced and cutting edge treatment options are available that still produce excellent results, but without the look of metal.

Friction-Free & Clear Braces

Clear braces and friction-free ceramic braces offer extremely comfortable, effective and discreet treatment with colourless brackets and wires that simply blend in with the colour of teeth.

1. Damon Clear

Damon Clear braces are so discreet that others may not even realize you’re wearing braces at all! As the name suggests, these are clear braces that are also resistant to staining and discolouration throughout treatment. Damon Clear braces combine tieless braces with high-tech arch wires that move teeth quickly, and most importantly, comfortably. These braces use less pressure on your teeth and require fewer adjustments or ‘tightening’ than standard braces. The Damon Clear system offers a discrete treatment experience with stunning results.

2. Friction-Free Braces

Friction-free braces offer a faster and more comfortable treatment option than traditional braces. There is no need for elastic or metal ties and the ceramic reinforced composite material of the bracket is highly resistant to wear and staining. The combination of clear, ceramic-based material and stainless steel gives the bracket a small appearance and a more aesthetically-pleasing look than more traditional braces.

The high-tech and incredibly light specially-shaped memory wires move your teeth into the desired position much faster than conventional materials. Friction-free braces also require fewer adjustments (and fewer appointments as a result), and treatment time can be reduced by as much as 6 month compared to other treatment methods.


By far, the most discreet option for patients to straighten their teeth is Invisalign. With Invisalign, patients wear a series of clear, removable orthodontic aligners for an average of two weeks at a time. New, custom made aligners progressively and gradually move teeth into place. The number of aligners required depends on how much straightening your teeth need.

Invisalign is a popular treatment option not only because the aligners are completely removable, but because they are virtually undetectable when you’re wearing them. Invisalign’s smooth, clear plastic aligners won’t irritate the insides of your mouth; in fact, they’re helpful in maintaining good oral hygiene because removable aligners mean you can do a more thorough job of brushing and flossing than with standard braces.

The other primary benefit of Invisalign is that you don’t have to worry about changing your eating and drinking habits. The aligners are only removed when you eat or drink, meaning you can continue to enjoy the foods you love while receiving treatment.

Docbraces is the Maritimes’ only Elite Invisalign provider. This designation is only given to providers who have successfully treated over 300 patients, which ranks Docbraces among the top 5% of providers in all of North America.

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