A lifetime of shaping smiles: Meet the docbraces Yarmouth team

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A lifetime of shaping smiles: Meet the docbraces Yarmouth team

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Meet the docbraces Yarmouth team!

A confident, healthy smile can truly transform your life. At docbraces Yarmouth, the team is driven by one goal: helping patients achieve a beautiful smile. Seeing the boost of confidence patients leave with is enough to make anyone love coming to work every day.

For the team at docbraces Yarmouth, it’s not just about offering braces or InvisalignⓇ treatment. It’s about empowering their patients and unlocking a lifetime of confidence. The team says they absolutely love to see the reactions of their patients when they see their smiles for the first time after their braces come off. To them, it makes it all worth it!

Want to learn more about the docbraces Yarmouth team, their philosophy to patient care and how they create beautiful smiles with braces or Invisalign? Keep reading to find out!

A lifetime of experience in Orthodontics

It’s not just their passion or excellent patient care that sets this team apart. Collectively, the docbraces Yarmouth team has an impressive 90 years of experience in Orthodontics under their belt. After so many years of experience providing braces and Invisalign in Yarmouth, the team has found the key to success is combining knowledge with teamwork. Through this, they have built their philosophy surrounding patient care. It is paramount for them to have “all team members working together in unison to care for each patient from beginning to end of treatment,” they shared.

Passionate about oral health and exceptional care

For a team with such tenured experience, it’s no surprise they have the same level of passion that they do expertise in orthodontic care. What are they most passionate about? Preventative oral health education. This is something they promote consistently through their own practices. They say it’s critical to helping their patients and families keep their smiles healthy and bright.

The docbraces Yarmouth team is also passionate about providing exceptional orthodontic care. They pride themselves on keeping up with best practices and new innovations in the field so they can offer the best care possible. So much so that when asked where in the world they would want to go as a team, they shared that they would go to “the Canadian Association of Orthodontics conference when it's held in some place tropical.

Outside of braces and Invisalign treatment in Yarmouth

Outside of crafting beautiful smiles, the docbraces Yarmouth team is very involved with supporting their local community and giving back. Yarmouth is a small town with a close knit community, and the team always seeks to help out beyond helping community members with their smile journeys. One way they do this is through sponsoring the local food bank.

Everyone loves a sweet treat, and this team is no exception. Their go-to team treats are Timmies (Tim Hortons), or Dairy Queen Blizzards!

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