How Much do Braces or Invisalign Cost?

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How Much do Braces or Invisalign Cost?

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It’s one thing to say you can’t put a price on a healthy, attractive smile – but it’s another thing altogether when it comes to actually paying for it. We understand that for many of our patients, cost can be a factor when making this important decision.

Calculating Decisions

At Docbraces, we believe that patients have the right to clear facts and realistic estimates of complete treatment costs upfront. We even aim to dispel the mystery around what goes into the cost of your treatment by providing an online payment calculator so you can work out the costs yourself! It’s simply a matter of inputting your desired down payment, your percentage of insurance coverage and the length of time your treatment will take. Then voila! You are given the estimated approximate cost of your complete treatment. This calculator is provided so those who wish can get an estimate of their payments. Why not try our payment calculator now?

The final cost of treatment and the payment terms will be based on each individual’s case complexity. Just like the treatment and diagnoses, each patient is different but we always discuss costs with our patients during their free consultation.

The Straight Facts: Invisalign Costs and Braces Costs

In general, our Docbraces orthodontists suggest that the average orthodontic case requiring 16-24 months of treatment can cost approximately $5,000-$6,900. A limited case involving alignment of only the front teeth that may require 6-12 months of treatment can cost approximately $2,000-$3,900.

Pain Free

Docbraces strive to make this the payment process as easy and painless as the treatment itself.

Here are some ways we do that:

  • Unlike most medical specialties, a referral is not required - and consultations are free
  • Interest free, flexible payment plans, spread over the course of treatment
  • No credit checks
  • Assignment of insurance benefits, meaning the amount covered by insurance is taken off the top leaving only the balance to be paid

Another option is to pay the full amount of the orthodontic treatment at the beginning. In these cases a 5% reduction in the total cost will be applied to the overall fee! Also, a discount based on each individual’s treatment plan is offered when more than one family member undergoes treatment at their nearest Docbraces office. Also, don’t forget that orthodontic fees are qualified medical expenses and as such they may be claimed for income tax purposes.

Your first visit to Docbraces won’t cost anything and may just be the first step in a smile journey that will change your life. Call or email anytime to make an appointment – you will be surprised at how painless the process can be!

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