Could Orthodontic Treatment Really Give Me a Bracelift?

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Could Orthodontic Treatment Really Give Me a Bracelift?

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If you’ve decided that now is the time to make a change to your appearance, but you aren’t sure where to start, there is one easy option that will provide you with long lasting cosmetic results and health benefits: orthodontic treatment. We’ve had lots of patients visit us lately asking if orthodontic treatment is for them, many of whom are concerned that because they’re over 50 they might not be good candidates. The truth is that choosing braces or Invisalign later in life is increasingly popular, and half of Docbraces’ patients are over the age of 21. You’re never too old for orthodontic treatment, and your options are more comfortable and discreet than ever!

Cosmetic Benefits of Invisalign

You’ve probably never considered that Invisalign could be an alternative to cosmetic surgery, but in most cases, it ends with equally stunning results! Have you heard of anyone talking lately about getting a ‘bracelift’? It’s a relatively new term that describes the amazing results that can be achieved with orthodontic treatment.In many cases, when you undergo orthodontic treatment, the slight rotations and movements in your teeth and jaws can have a subtle but remarkable impact on the shape of your face. For example, your treatment will create symmetry in your face and can also widen your arches. The impact will be that you’ll see fuller cheeks and lips, higher cheekbones and smoother skin, as well as a broader smile that you aren’t afraid to show off!

Other Invisalign Health Benefits

There are many reasons why orthodontic treatment can make you look younger. As your orthodontic treatment helps ensure your teeth are in the best positions it often means that some teeth will be rotated, resulting in fewer places for food debris to hide. This reduces the likelihood that plaque will develop, and also keeps your breath smelling fresher.

Your Invisalign treatment can also rectify any spacing, contact or crowding problems that cause, headaches, neck aches and shoulder pains, TMJ discomfort, sinus problems and even pain in your lower back. Reducing these problems will certainly help you sleep better at night, and that can take years off your face!

There’s never been a better time to take control and get the smile you’ve always wanted. When you’re ready to discover your treatment options, visit your local Docbraces for a FREE consultation. You’ll be surprised at how much could change for the better!

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