Orthodontics: A Natural Solution

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Orthodontics: A Natural Solution

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While you probably won’t be surprised that orthodontics offers a range of benefits other than just a beautiful smile, you might be interested to discover that Epigenetic Orthodontists can provide you with a holistic solution to a range of health problems. But how, exactly, can orthodontics address and prevent conditions beyond your teeth and jaws? Read on to discover how Epigenetic Orthodontics provides a natural solution to numerous physical ailments in your jaws and beyond.

Your Environment and Your Smile

Orthodontics guides your teeth into a position that they would have grown into if you’d been born in a perfect environmental condition. The area of medicine that looks at this phenomenon is called Epigenetics, and it studies the way that our genetic makeup is influenced by our environment and other biological factors.Greatly simplified, Epigenetics believes that if humans had grown up in an environment without the presence of toxins and processed foods, our bone structure and health would be more closely aligned with our ancestors, who they believe were healthier and had stronger bones and teeth. The natural expression of our genes would offer us a perfectly aligned bite and help prevent issues like childhood breathing problems, headaches and allergies. Commonly those problems are seen by Epigeneticists as developmental flaws in gene expression. The impact of these flaws is problems with jaws, palate and teeth, amongst other areas.

Fulling the Natural Position of Jaws, Palate and Teeth

Epigenetic orthodontics’ main goal is to not only provide a beautiful, well-aligned smile but to fulfill the natural position of your jaws, palate and teeth that would have been expressed by your genes if you and your ancestors had been raised in an “ideal environment”.

Orthodontics as a Natural Solution

For children who mouth breathe, the habit can have a range of long-term consequences. These impacts include a perpetuation of allergies because allergens aren’t filtered out by the nose; reduced energy; and stunting of the natural growth of the upper jaw due to the pressure from the tongue. Similarly, crowded teeth or malocclusion can cause ear aches, sinus and throat infections, poor vision or hearing, and more.When you consider that orthodontics can work to address the palate shape, alignment and correct any issues that have been caused by a range of factors, from thumbsucking to improper growth, the final result of treatment becomes more than just a beautiful smile.

What Conditions Can Epigenetic Orthodontics Address and Prevent?

By aligning your bite or widening your palate, you’ll prevent a range of conditions that stem from these problems. If you’re already suffering from some of the issues below, your treatment will very likely rectify both the causes and symptoms. Simply by repositioning your teeth and jaw, you’ll avoid the issues like:

  • Poor sleep habits, and achieve deeper, higher quality rest
  • Weight gain due to physical stress
  • Sleep apnea
  • Digestion issues
  • Mouth breathing
  • Allergies
  • Head and neck pain
  • Facial stress
  • Low energy
  • Poor mood

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