Orthodontists in Amherst: How to Choose a Provider

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Orthodontists in Amherst: How to Choose a Provider

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Just one of the perks of living in Amherst, of course besides the year-round beauty of the Bay of Fundy, is that the town is home to a Docbraces consultation office! We offer initial meetings with Dr. McManaman from our Amherst office, and after that we provide treatment to our patients from our Moncton office.Docbraces Amherst is part of the internationally recognized team of Elite Invisalign providers, meaning our orthodontists have completed specialized training and treated over 300 patients using the Invisalign system. And, we’re proud to say, Docbraces are one of the few Elite Invisalign providers in Atlantic Canada!

Adult Braces

As more adults than ever are realizing the benefits of a straight, healthy smile they are seeking information about their options. A consultation with Docbraces in Amherst costs nothing, and you don’t have to wait to be referred by a dentist. You can just call to make an appointment if you feel self-conscious of your smile or you’re noticing that an alignment or spacing issue is starting to cause some problems. We’ll meet with you and discuss what’s causing your troubles, your options and possible payment plans during your free consultation.And don’t worry about the fact that you aren’t a teenager (even if you don’t feel a day over 19!) Invisalign is suitable for everyone. In fact, half of Docbraces patients are adults. It’s never too late to realize great results with Invisalign; having crooked teeth straightened or having an overbite or underbite corrected can make you look years younger, not to mention the impact it will have when you gain confidence in your work and social life.The Amherst Docbraces consultation team ensures that patient comfort and discretion is a priority and takes into account the particular needs of their adult patients. We understand that the most subtle and quick treatment options are the most desirable.

Invisalign: Is it an option?

If it has been suggested that Invisalign is not an option for you, make sure to visit Docbraces’ Amherst consultation office to make sure. As a result of their commitment to the Invisalign process, Docbraces is able to treat moderate to complex cases using Invisalign’s clear removable aligners and we will be happy to give you a second opinion. Although Invisalign is not an option for every case, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you’ve got more options than you were originally given.Docbraces knows that the qualities of an ideal candidate for Invisalign include nothing more than someone who is looking for a discrete option to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile and straighter teeth! After all, we think nothing of seeking a second opinion when it comes to car or computer repairs – we should certainly be prepared to seek alternative information when it comes to our smile.Dr. McManaman and the rest of the Amherst Smile Team are looking forward to seeing you. What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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