Orthodontists in New Brunswick: Getting a Second Opinion

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Orthodontists in New Brunswick: Getting a Second Opinion

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Whether you are calling for a first visit, being referred by your dentist, or are seeking a second opinion, finding the right orthodontist is important – after all, you only have one smile!In Moncton, the Docbraces office accepts self-referrals – you don’t need a dentist to call ahead on your behalf. We are also more than happy to provide a second opinion if you’re wondering if there are different ways to fix the issues you might be suffering from. As Docbraces New Brunswick orthodontists, we understand the importance of confirming and clarifying treatment options, and may even offer you a different option, such as Invisalign, that you didn’t think you were a candidate for.

Invisalign in New Brunswick

Docbraces is an Elite Invisalign provider – one of the few practices in Atlantic Canada with this designation. This means we have undergone specialized training in the Invisalign system of clear, plastic aligners, and that we have used Invisalign to successfully treat over 300 cases. For some patients, depending on the severity of their symptoms, we can even treat moderate bite, alignment and spacing issues with Invisalign where many other orthodontists can only address mild issues with this system; be sure to get a second opinion from us if you have been advised by another dental professional that this convenient and discreet option isn’t for you.Here are a few other questions you should consider when seeking a second opinion:
  • Check out their payment policy and find out if they offer payment plans with no interest. Docbraces New Brunswick offers a variety of no interest payment options. You can even use the convenient payment calculator.
  • Find out if they offer a free consultation. Whether you refer yourself or are referred by your dentist, your first Docbraces New Brunswick consultation is free.
  • Make sure that their office hours and work days will coincide with the days that you would be available for appointments. Docbraces New Brunswick knows that leaving work and school for appointments is not always an option and have a range of convenient appointment times available.

The Docbraces New Brunswick Difference

Docbraces’ New Brunswick office is located in Moncton at 500 Mapleton Road (Suite 200) and the large, open, bright and modern office has state-of-the-art amenities and equipment. From the latest in computerized diagnostic systems in the treatment area, to the PS3 and computer stations in the waiting area, it’s all about the patient.The open-concept clinic has several adjustment chairs, semi-private rooms for adult patients, two consultation rooms, and two diagnostic records and multi-purpose rooms.Dr. John McManaman and the rest of the Smile Team at Docbraces Moncton look forward to meeting you!

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