Orthodontists on PEI: Choosing the Right Treatment Provider

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Orthodontists on PEI: Choosing the Right Treatment Provider

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When considering something as important as improving our smile, we should make sure we’re aware of all our treatment options - there may be more effective or more convenient alternatives available than those initially suggested to us. There may even be a less invasive, faster or less expensive option!That’s why we think a second opinion can be so important, especially when it comes to something as important as braces. And that’s why the Docbraces practices on PEI offer free consultations and second opinions to new patients!Some orthodontists are more familiar or experienced with certain tooth straightening, bite alignment or spacing technology and techniques than others. Rest assured that we at the Docbraces PEI offices, in both Charlottetown and Summerside, are Elite Invisalign providers. This designation is awarded only to practices that have treated over 300 cases using Invisalign, and it puts Docbraces in the top 5% of Invisalign providers in North America.

Invisalign: Could it work for me?

We have seen countless Invisalign patients who came to us simply wanting a second opinion after they were initially told their tooth alignment required traditional wire and bracket braces. It has been Docbraces’ experience that many people who were initially told this clear, convenient straightening option wasn’t for them were, in fact, perfect candidates! Thanks to our considerable experience with Invisalign we can treat moderate to complex issues with this system, whereas many other orthodontists can only address small cosmetic or mild issues.In most cases, depending on the type of bite issues and severity of the symptoms, Invisalign can work for almost every adult or teen patient. It’s a much more subtle option that causes minimal discomfort and disruption to your normal life, and your Docbraces orthodontist will be able to tell you whether it’s the best option for you.If you have been advised that traditional braces are the best option for you, make sure to get a second opinion. It’s certainly worth your time to find out if these clear, removable aligners rather than metal braces are able to straighten your teeth.

Docbraces PEI: Our difference

With offices designed to be relaxing, comfortable and convenient, Docbraces Charlottetown and Docbraces Summerside patients can enjoy a complimentary coffee, tea or hot chocolate.Dr. John McManaman and the rest of the Docbraces Summerside smile team along with Dr. Peter Porter and the team in Charlottetown are excited to tell you more about how you can get the smile you want by using the convenient and comfortable Invisalign process. Call to discuss your options, whether you are seeing an orthodontist for the first time or getting a second opinion.

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