Why do Orthodontists' Second Opinions Matter?

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Why do Orthodontists' Second Opinions Matter?

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Did you know that, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, just 19% of 2000 adults said that they would ask for another medical diagnosis, and just 6% said they would get an orthodontist's second opinion prior to starting treatment? Contrast that to the 70% who would seek a second quote or advice for major home repairs and 50% who would do the same when it comes to fixing their cars.

You might wonder why it's important to get a second opinion when it comes to orthodontic treatment, because surely one orthodontist will offer the same style of treatment for malocclusion or alignment issues with your jaws, teeth and bite? That's not always the case! In fact, because of the advancements in technology and the numerous treatment options available to us, there are multiple reasons why having a second opinion from an orthodontist can have a huge impact on your treatment, including whether you're offered discreet options, helpful payment plans, and comfort with you orthodontist.

Cost Savings

When you visit Docbraces for a second opinion, it will always be free. That isn't the only financial benefit you'll experience; Docbraces is proud to offer a number of convenient payment options including:
  • Braces starting from $49/week

  • 5% discount when you pay the cost up front

  • Flexible, interest free financing plans that won't required a credit check

  • Direct billing to insurance providers, wherever possible, so you won't have to wait to be reimbursed

  • Family discounts when multiple family members require treatment

Alternative Treatment Options

The leaps and bounds that have been made in orthodontic technology over the past few decades mean that your treatment will be much less noticeable and uncomfortable than years past. When you're ready for your treatment, you'll still want to be sure that you're getting the least obvious and most convenient option possible. This is particularly important for adults who often look for the most discreet treatment option.

Docbraces is one of the few orthodontic practices in the Maritimes that have reached Elite Invisalign Provider status. That means our skilled team can offer Invisalign for even complex cases, unlike many others who can only offer this unique system to patients with mild to moderate bite and alignment issues.

A Good Relationship

Since you'll see your orthodontist and hygienists regularly for adjustments and cleanings, it's important that the relationship you have with them is a good one. When you seek a second opinion, you'll be able meet the team and ensure that you're comfortable around them. Any anxiety you feel, whether from their recommendations or demeanour, can have an impact on your treatment.

For more on this important issue, and what to ask during your consultation, download our guide on Orthodontist's Second Opinion: 5 Reasons to Get Treatment Alternatives, and What to Ask. Ready to get your second opinion at your local Docbraces? Book your consultation today!

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