How to Pick The Right Halifax Orthodontist for Your Child

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How to Pick The Right Halifax Orthodontist for Your Child

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When we think about visiting a Halifax orthodontist, most of us imagine a slightly awkward teenager with braces. Halifax orthodontists serve patients of all ages, and that includes children as young as seven years old. In fact, if you are the parent of a young child, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends scheduling an orthodontic evaluation before age seven. This information will help you better understand why these evaluations are so important and how to select the right orthodontist for your child’s needs.

Why Your Child Needs to See a Halifax Orthodontist By Age 7

While your child may not get braces at age seven, a visit to the orthodontist may reveal potential problems that can be corrected early– and could even reduce your child’s need for braces in the future. Why? At age seven, the jaw is still developing. There’s time to catch and correct problems early before more serious issues develop. Overbites, crossbites, and underbites, for example, are common developmental concerns that can be identified early with young children. Expanding the upper jaw before age seven can reduce crowding issues. An orthodontist may recommend spacers to help correct improper jaw development and eliminate any shifting in the teeth that may be due to a constricted upper arch. In other cases, a child may have lost the baby tooth early, but the adult tooth is late to arrive. Holding space for the new tooth can help prevent overcrowding and reduce future alignment issues. Additionally, by age seven, an orthodontist can tell whether the front teeth will stick out in an unsafe or unattractive overbite. While it’s not possible to permanently correct an overbite this early, there are steps a Halifax orthodontist can take to reduce complications and even diminish the length of time your child may need to wear braces.

How to Choose the Right Orthodontist in Halifax for Your Child

There’s more to orthodontics than just straightening teeth! One of the most important factors is how the teeth and bite will fit together at the end of the treatment process. Experienced orthodontists understand that creating the perfect bite and smile is part art, part science. Our Orthodontist in Halifax, for example, works closely with each young patient and the patient’s parents to achieve results that make everyone smile. When selecting a Halifax orthodontist for your child, keep the following in mind:

  1. Payment plans. The right orthodontist will offer payment plans that help make braces, Invisalign, and orthodontic care affordable and accessible for all patients. Some orthodontists may also offer a family discount plan for more than one patient. Here at DocBraces, for example, we offer different plans that can be tailored to your family’s needs. This includes family discounts and flexible, interest-free financing plans with no credit checks.
  2. Experience. At Docbraces, our orthodontists are experienced with young and old patients alike. In younger patients under the age of seven, our orthodontists are trained to spot potential issues with tooth loss and eruption, crowding and spacing, alignment, underbites, crossbites, and anterior open/deep bites. We recommend screening all patients under the age of seven so these issues can be identified and corrected as early as possible. Proactive treatment can lead to better, faster results. Most importantly, your child will enjoy a great smile during those important teenage years when self-esteem and confidence are developing.
  3. Treatment Options. It’s important to select an orthodontist who offers multiple treatment options, such as Invisalign and traditional metal braces and will provide consultations on both.

Docbraces is the leading provider of Invisalign in Halifax. We offer free consultations and second opinions– a value of $195. Our goal is for all patients and their parents to feel comfortable and confident with our treatment options.

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