Six Tips for Taking The Perfect Selfie

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Six Tips for Taking The Perfect Selfie

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At Docbraces, we’re big fans of “the selfie”. Selfies, or photographs you take of yourself, are a great way to improve self confidence, share funny moments, and, our personal favourite, show off your smile! Over the past year, selfies have become more and more popular: the word was officially added to the dictionary, the infamous “Oscars” selfie became the true winner of that night, and most everyone features the occasional selfie on their Instagram page—even us! Find us at: @docbraces or #docbraces. So if you haven’t gotten on the bandwagon yet, now's time! And, if you’re not yet a selfie addict, as they say, here are a few tips to perfect your selfie style.


They say that the most beautiful thing you can wear is your smile. The best way to take a perfect selfie is to smile BIG. Flashing a smile adds self confidence and will make you feel as beautiful as you look! A few tips: look into the lense, tip your chin down just a bit, and give your best wide smile. If you flash a real smile, no image will look bad.

Be Yourself

The best selfies are the ones that showcase your true self. You don’t need to recreate the Kardashian pout—be yourself. If your personality is silly and fun then let your inner comedian shine! If you’re glamorous and all about style, then don’t be afraid to show off a bit. If you’re feeling self conscious or feel yourself tightening up, here’s a tip: stop what you’re doing and let yourself relax. Then, when you’re feeling more comfortable, raise your phone or camera, and quickly snap a photo. You’ll have less time to tense up, and the photo will come across as much more natural.

Find the Best Lighting and Use it To Your Advantage

Shadows, flash, backlight, natural light—lighting options can be tricky and tiresome. But using the right lighting can drastically improve your selfies. Backlit photos are often difficult to see but direct sunlight can be tricky. When possible, use a softer light. Direct sun can make shadows look like bags under your eyes. Your best time to take photos is in the morning, or in the early evening, when the light is soft and beautiful. However, if you’re inside in the middle of the day, find a window. Stand a far enough back that the light isn’t too bright, and smile! The natural light is flattering and will make you feel fresh and energized.

Have Fun and Take a Few!

Different angles work for different face shapes, body types, and personalities. You might not know which works best for you. A great tip is to have some fun and experiment with a few different angles and poses. Look directly into the camera, look away. Lift the camera high up or lower it to your sightline. Then once you have a few fun takes, choose your favourite. If you need some inspiration, put on your favourite song and strike a pose!


Using the right filters is the final step to a great selfie. It’s important not to over-process or over edit your photos. There are a few great soft filters, especially on Instagram, which can add an extra “kick” to your photos. Our personal favourite are the Nashville and Valencia filters on Instagram but it’s all up to your personal taste.

Don’t Overthink

Selfies are a great way to share your best moments with the world. The process should be fun and interesting, not stressful. You don’t need to look like a model, or have spent 6 hours on the perfect outfit and makeup. Smile, relax, and have fun with it. The best selfies are taken in the moment. Out with friends? In a cool location like your local Docbraces office when you visit for your FREE consultation? These are great opportunities for a quick selfie!

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