Teen Braces: Life Long Health and Well-Being

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Teen Braces: Life Long Health and Well-Being

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A beautiful smile is about a lot more than aesthetics—it’s about a healthy life. Ensuring a healthy, happy smile for a lifetime often requires some help and that’s where braces can come into play. Getting an early start with orthodontic treatment provides teens with more options, ensuring that you have every reason to smile now, and later in life. Here are some things for teens to consider as you get ready to start treatment.

Teen Braces: An Early Start

Getting started with orthodontics sooner rather than later can have a huge impact on the entire process. Early intervention can mean that treatment is easier and the options more plentiful. By starting early and working alongside a teenager's natural period of growth and development, there can be less correction required in the future. Beyond the importance of ensuring the growth of healthy teeth and jaws, the development of surrounding body parts should also be considered.Neck and jaw pain can often be attributed to improper alignment of teeth, and correcting your smile can mean a reduction in pain in these areas. It can also mean that expensive and uncomfortable procedures involving jaw manipulation can be avoided.Modern orthodontic treatment includes a wealth of options. By starting early, you can ensure that every option is available to you, helping you make the right choice. When you (and your parents!) make the investment now in your smile, it can help reduce the chances you'll have to worry about more expensive or involved surgeries as you get older.

Braces and Their Impact on Overall Health

As a teen, your oral health is just one part of the equation for a healthy life. Large bodies of research suggest there is a link between a number of lifestyle-related diseases or disorders and poor oral hygiene. For instance, did you know that heart disease has been linked to poor oral health? A properly aligned bite can help you chew food more effectively which can have dramatic impacts on your digestion and ability to effectively process foods, increasing nutrient absorption. Taking the steps now to correct your smile will have a positive impact on your health, for the rest of your life. The health differences you'll see with braces—before and after—is astounding!

How Can An Orthodontist Help With Self Esteem?

Adolescence can be a difficult time. As a teen, you're going through physical and emotional changes so the easier you can make things the better. Ensuring that you're willing and able to smile comfortably can have long lasting impacts on your confidence and self-esteem. This has a positive effect on mental health and helps you lead a much more carefree and happy time in your teens.Your Docbraces' orthodontist works with you to determine whether correction is required and helps you make an educated decision in regards to which options are best for you. Braces are much more discreet and comfortable than they once were. As your smile gets better and better, people are often unaware that you're even undergoing treatment!

Braces Before and After: How Teen Braces Impact Your Life

So, how would your life change with braces or other orthodontic treatment? We know that you want to feel comfortable participating in any activity that your want. We also know that many teens retreat from group activities because they feel ashamed or embarrassed about their smiles. An orthodontist can use the various orthodontic solutions available to them in order to help solve this problem for you. Teens who have had their smiles corrected are often amazed at the differences in their own demeanour, attitude and activity level after their treatment has begun. In many cases, you might feel like a whole new person.There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right solution for your smile. There are a number of options available to you that simply did not exist even ten years ago. The current options provide you with the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments with comfort and privacy. Schedule a free consultation now and get a beautiful, healthy smile you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

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