The Rewards Of Orthodontics: The Complexities of Treatment with Braces or Invisalign

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The Rewards Of Orthodontics: The Complexities of Treatment with Braces or Invisalign

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Successful orthodontics is not something that can simply happen overnight. Often times it can take well over six months for any major progress to be made, although you can often see subtle changes in the first few weeks. The truth is that orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign are long term commitments and investments in yourself, your health, and your future. As with any investment or commitment, orthodontic treatment offers many rewards. In this post, we’re going to talk a little bit about what can make orthodontic treatments so complex, after that, we’ll touch on the different choices you can make for your orthodontic treatments, as well as their benefits.

Waiting For Orthodontic Results

The amount of time it can take to complete successful orthodontic treatment can depend on a number of factors, including the seriousness of your condition, your age, and the orthodontic treatment used. Generally speaking, it takes a little more time for adults to complete treatment than children, and on average you can expect to be wearing braces for 18 to 24 months.So why does the process take so long? Well, the reality of it is that braces are often fixing more problems than we may be able to see. Overbites, underbites, gaps between teeth, open bites, crowded and overlapped teeth are just a few of the conditions your braces may be working to correct. Additionally it is worth keeping in mind that it has taken your teeth several years to end up in their current position, so it only makes sense that it may also take several years to correct them.

The Right Orthodontic Choice For You

At Docbraces, we have plenty of treatment options available. Whether you’re choosing an option for a child or have decided to get adult braces for yourself, Docbraces can help you out every step of the way.One of our most popular treatments is Invisalign, which are removable aligners so you can eat without them in your mouth and easily clean them. Docbraces is a Top 1% Provider of Invisalign, meaning we successfully treat over 800 people a year with the system. This puts us in the top 5% of North American practices that use this system.Many people also opt to go for the more traditional braces route. Over the years there have been many advancements in braces, and today, they are impressively discreet and comfortable to wear.

Orthodontic Treatment: Worth The Wait

Whichever orthodontic treatment you choose, you’re going to be pleased with the before and after results. Straight teeth are less likely to experience decay, cavities, or damage, while a proper bite can ease muscle tension in your jaw. Beyond your physical health, orthodontic treatment can also make a major impact on your mental health. A great smile can help you feel more confident about your appearance, which, in turn, can give you a boost in both your personal and professional lives.There is no doubt that orthodontic procedures can be complex, but like any smart investment, the results are worth it. For more information on Docbraces orthodontic treatments, schedule a free consultation with our Smile Team today.

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