Top 4 Complications Braces Can Prevent

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Top 4 Complications Braces Can Prevent

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A study conducted by the American Journal of Orthodontics indicates that one in three children can improve their oral and general health by wearing braces. Braces can help prevent detrimental complications from developing with your child's teeth, such as crooked, crowded teeth, tooth decay and serious medical problems that often require surgery. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," and fitting your child with braces or corrective alternatives early in life can prevent complications and the need for more pensive procedures later in life.

1. Prevent Crooked / Crowded Teeth

Braces can prevent crooked, crowded teeth from developing in your child's mouth. New teeth that are emerging improperly and developing in an awkward manner can cause teeth to become crooked and can create uneven spacing between the individual teeth. In this instance, braces or appliances such as palatal expanders and space maintainers can be used apply pressure on the teeth to ensure that each tooth in your child's mouth is evenly aligned and adequately spaced. Having your child wear braces can prevent his or her teeth from becoming crooked and from developing an overbite or underbite. Crooked, crowded teeth can lead to many health problems that are often very expensive to correct. Having your child wear braces can save you money in the long run.

2. Avoid Tooth Decay

Crooked, crowded teeth can expose your child to increased tooth decay. Crooked, crowded teeth can make it more difficult for your child to effectively brush and floss teeth and gums and this can cause tooth decay. Tooth decay has been proven to be associated with many health problems, including cavities, chewing deficiencies, gum diseases and heart diseases. Advanced procedures are often required to correct these health problems and the procedures can very expensive. Having your child wear braces can prevent tooth decay and can prevent you from needing to spend money on expensive procedures in the future.

3. Reduce Need For Tooth Extraction

Permanent teeth may need to be racted from your child's mouth when teeth; are crooked enough to disrupt the growth of other teeth, cause teeth to become excessively crowded, become infected. According to CostHelper, the average price of a tooth extraction procedure can range from $400-$800 a tooth. Braces prevent your child's teeth from becoming damaged and can significantly reduce the need for permanent teeth to be extracted later in life.

4. Safeguard Against Surgery

Wearing braces can prevent your child from requiring surgical procedures later in life. Damage to your child's teeth or jaw can cause dramatic physical and medical problems to develop, and jaw surgery, root canal surgery and other surgical procedures are often required to correct these medical problems. Although prices for surgery are different for each procedure, the average price of jaw surgery ranges from $5,000-$80,000. You can significantly reduce your risk of paying for expensive surgical procedures by having your child wear braces at an early age.

Optimize Complication Prevention With An Early Start

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have a consultation with an orthodontist around the age of seven. By then your child's teeth and mouth have developed sufficiently for an orthodontist to assess the condition of the teeth in accordance with the shape of his or her mouth. At Docbraces, we're able to perform diagnostic tests to ensure that your child is not experiencing problems with new emerging teeth, jaw growth or facial irregularities. Docbraces can also recommend the most appropriate, cost-effective treatment options available to prevent further complications from developing and to maximize the appearance of your child's beautiful smile.

For more information on how to ensure your child gets the safest and best orthodontic care, download Docbraces’ FREE Parent's Guide to the Benefits of Braces.

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