If I want clear braces, what are my options?

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If I want clear braces, what are my options?

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Orthodontic treatment has come such a long way over the past decades that the obvious and cumbersome metal brackets and wires that you might associate with wearing braces are a thing of the past. Now, there are several options for clear braces which make getting a beautiful smile more comfortable and discreet than ever before. At Docbraces, we offer a range of products that will help address your bite, alignment or malocclusion issues in the most inconspicuous way possible. Read on to learn about how far orthodontic technology has come!


Invisalign is an amazing addition to the orthodontic toolbox! Instead of brackets and wires, this system uses an innovative tray system to exert very slight but continuous pressure to help you achieve your smile goals. You'll wear each tray for two weeks, taking it out only to eat, drink anything besides water, or clean it or your teeth. This is a particularly popular option for our patients over the age of 21 as it is a comfortable and subtle option that doesn't require any dietary changes.

Invisalign has even created a special product for teens. Suitable for patients ages 14 and over, it helps younger patients achieve a healthy smile without bringing too much attention to treatment—something that is particularly important during adolescence!

Our status as an Elite Invisalign Provider means that we've treated hundreds of patients throughout the Maritimes with this system and countless hours to additional training. Because of our unparalleled experience in the region, we can treat patients who have more complex issues, unlike other providers who might only be able to address mild to moderate bite and alignment issues.

Clear braces

For some patients, their particular malocclusion issues require a more traditional bracket and wire approach. But fear not! The the options for clear braces range from fully translucent to barely noticeable, bone coloured products. All are difficult to distinguish, and great for patients of all ages.

Radiance brackets

The bracket is the component that is bonded to the tooth and holds the archwire in place. When you choose Radiance, you'll get a very high quality bracket that is composed of the strongest chip and stain resistant ceramic material available today. They're also much slimmer than other brackets, making them much more comfortable to wear, and very easy to get used to.

Braces are much less noticeable than now than they've ever been. In fact, we'd guess that you've spoken to someone recently without even noticing that they're having orthodontic treatment! If you're ready to find out which discreet options could help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, get in touch with your local Docbraces office to schedule your FREE consultation!

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